How did Chiellini almost end up in Sunderland?

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How did Chiellini almost end up in Sunderland?

There are many "what if" stories in the world of football, about agreed, but unrealized transfers, which might change the history of a club, while the career of a player would certainly take place in a different direction.

One of them is the latest story launched by the Daily Mail before the finals of the European Championship, and according to which Giorgio Chiellini was on the verge of moving to Sunderland fifteen years ago. Chiellini then made his way onto the big stage in a Juventus jersey, while Roy Keane was on the Black Cats bench.

So, let's say 2006. The English paper brings the story through the testimony of Mick Brown, the then head of the red and white scout service. "It was a day like any other when my phone rang and the other side of the line said, 'Would you be interested in Chiellini?' I replied, “Does a child love Christmas? Absolutely yes.

But there is no chance that he will come here. " He told me, "Leave it to me," Brown began. The transfer started to "cook" after a few days. "A few days later, the same man called me and said that Chiellini was interested.

I went and told Roy Keane everything. After a few days, I asked him what was going on, and he told me that almost everything was over. You could have knocked me out with a pen. "

9 million euros

Even Juventus agreed. "Everything was agreed with Juventus, for compensation of 9,000,000 euros.

Chiellini's conditions were also accepted. I thought that if we managed to bring it all to an end, I would swim the channel because of happiness. " And then suddenly everything broke. And that's because of 250,000 euros.

For which Brown still doesn't know who they were supposed to go to. "It was a great pity, that boy could be the new icon of Sunderland. When I watched him live for the first time, I saw that he had that "you can't go" attitude on the field."

"He filled in all the items of the scout report: he knows to play with his head, he can read the game, he won duels. He would be offended if someone next to him shoots at goal, "Brown recalls. Giorgio Chiellini eventually stayed at Juventus, he has been in since 2005, and there will be more, since he agreed with the Old Lady to extend the cooperation for another year.