Messi: "I am thankful to God for giving me this moment"

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Messi: "I am thankful to God for giving me this moment"

Since 2005, Lionel Messi has been playing for the Argentine national team. At the same time, he scored goals, records, and cups with Barcelona, ​​but for a decade and a half with Argentina, he didn't win any trophies.

Argentina lost the Copa America final three times with him as the leader, and in 2014, they knelt in front of Germany in the decisive match of the World Cup. For years, Messi carried criticism on his back due to constant failures with the national team.

But destiny wanted the precedent to happen against the biggest rival, in his house and at the jubilee 150th representative match of the Argentine magician. "I had to get rid of this burden of not being able to win the trophy with the national team.

I was close for years and I knew that sometimes things have to go wrong, but it will happen someday." "I am thankful to God for giving me this moment, against Brazil and in Brazil. God kept this moment for me, "said the captain of the newly crowned ruler of South America.

Messi played a great tournament, scored four, and assisted for five goals, constantly spreading magic on the field. Against Brazil, he was not at the expected level, but his teammates pushed when it was difficult. It’s something Argentina has been missing all these years.

"The happiness I feel is crazy, inexplicable ... Many times I had to leave with my head bowed, but I knew it would happen. This team deserved a trophy." "I believed in a team that has become very strong since the last Copa America, where hinted that great things are coming.

This is a group of great people who are always pushing forward, who never complain about anything." "They were in quarantine for days, unable to see their families, but the goals were clear. "

Last trophy

The last trophy in major competitions was won by the Argentines in 1993, also in Copa America.

Imagine then what a charge of emotion started to trickle across Argentina last night. "I saw, they told me ... At the Obelisco, at the flag in Rosario, everywhere. I would use this prologue to thank everyone. Argentina can finally enjoy the cup they wanted for so long."

"I don't think we are aware of what we have done yet. We are overjoyed, but this game will go down in history because we beat Brazil at home in the final. " When asked about his ambitions for the World Cup in Qatar next year, Messi did not have a specific answer.

"Whenever you win, you win a trophy, you have to seize the moment. It's much easier when the results are good. We have to seize the opportunity, especially these guys I told was the future of the national team. They showed it to me by winning this trophy."