Roberto Mancini cautious before the duel with England

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Roberto Mancini cautious before the duel with England

About 24 hours remain until the grand final of the European Championship at Wembley. Italy and England will fight for the trophy of the continental champion, the two national teams that showed the most at the level of the entire tournament.

The Azures have so far demonstrated several different football styles and approaches, while England has constantly insisted on a careful and solid game. In any case, this will be a match between two completely different football forces.

At least that is the opinion of the Italian coach Roberto Mancini. "The English are physically stronger than us, not only in the middle but in all positions. But football is played with the ball in the feet, so we hope that the technique can win, "said the former Manchester City coach.

At the conference before the semi-final match with England, the goalkeeper of Denmark, Kasper Schmeichel, questioned the greatness of the English national team by alluding that they had not won anything for decades. The day before the final, journalists asked Robert Mancini if ‚Äč‚ÄčEngland, as a football nation, could be compared to the size of Italy, since this is their first final after 55 years.

"England has always had quality teams, but they constantly lacked luck. This will be a wonderful game at a full stadium. A wonderful thing for all those who love sports." "We know their qualities and we will see what happens.

You can't qualify for the finals without a strong and quality team. "


Italy struggled against the Spaniards in the semifinals, which they skipped thanks to a better penalty shootout. For the first time, they allowed one rival at the Euros to dominate in possession and if Spain was more concentrated in the finals, the question is whether Italy would play in the finals.

"We wanted to demonstrate our football style against Spain, but they limited us. Our identity has brought us this far and we have no intention of changing now." Mancini knows what will be the most important for his selection tomorrow at 9 pm.

"What Italy has to do is stay calm. It's hard for many reasons, but we have to concentrate on football and realize that this is the last hurdle. We want to enjoy all 90 minutes." Mancini is, individually, one of the greatest talents in the history of Italian football, but the fact is that with 36 appearances, he did not play that much for the A selection of Italy.

And the trophies were missing. Now he can make up for it as a selector. "This is one of the most important moments of my career. I played for many national team selections, we didn't win Euro U21 or the World Cup when we deserved it."

"We represent Italy and I hope that tomorrow as a coach I will finally feel the satisfaction that eluded me while a was a player. , although I played in some very strong Azure teams ", concluded the popular Mancho.