Miralem Pjanic could return to Juventus!

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Miralem Pjanic could return to Juventus!

The plans of the new sports sector of Juventus for this summer are maximally focused on bringing in a central midfielder and striker, while in parallel, work is still being done to clarify the status of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Max Allegri expects two capitals in positions that were deficient in Juventus or, above all, filled with insufficient quality. The experiment with Arthur was not very successful, which is why Manuel Locatelli became very interesting, even more so after good games at the Euros.

And while in Turin they are trying to find a common language with the leaders of Sassuolo about the transfer of the guy when Milan lightly gave up, we can hear news from Catalonia to the sensational return of Miralem Pjanić.

Only a year after Juventus and Barcelona traded him and Arthur in a transfer that did not bring anything good to either side. Pjanić is looking for a way to get out of his contract with Barcelona ​​because his debut year at the Camp Nou stadium passed far from what was expected.

Barcelona is in big trouble

The arrival of Ronald Koeman "beheaded" him, which probably ended the adventure in Catalonia too soon. In Barcelona, ​​they are now turning with all their might to renew their contract with Lionel Messi, when the final of the Copa America awaits on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and probably the last chance to grab the continental trophy with Argentina.

In addition, Barcelona found themselves in a serious problem. Namely, the club came to the situation that they cannot register new players because they exceeded the limits for players' salaries, which violated the rules of La Liga's financial fair play, and they must "shorten" the budget in order to get out of the crisis.

That is why Pjanić is one of those to whom the door to leave the club is wide open. His agents are working intensively to find a new club for Pjanic as soon as possible, even a two-year loan is possible, and there is even mention of the possibility of an agreed termination where the Bosnian midfielder would have to agree to serious damage or be left without a large sum of money.

Pjanić already has an open invitation from the new sports director of Tottenham, Fabio Paraticci, who extremely appreciates his qualities. His arrival in North London is one of the priorities for Tottenham at the moment.

Pjanic still hopes for Juventus, although Max Allegri and his superiors still want Locatelli because of his youth, potential and the fact that he is a home player.

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