PSG website confirmed the arrival of Ramos, but they deleted the post

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PSG website confirmed the arrival of Ramos, but they deleted the post

Who works, makes mistakes. And in Paris Saint-Germain, they worked so hard on hiring Sergio Ramos, that in the end, they made a mistake. The club's website published the statement of the trophy defender on Wednesday night before it was officially announced that the contract had been signed, so although it was quickly deleted, it could not be missed by numerous media and fans of the French club.

It was a message in which he emphasizes his satisfaction because he will continue to wear number four on his jersey, just like before in Real Madrid and Sevilla. "I appreciate number four a lot because of superstition because I wore it from the beginning of my career and it became a part of my life.

It brought me happiness and many victories." "It became a part of me as a person and a professional. It is a privilege to wear it in such a great club as which is Paris Saint-Germain. It is a special thing for me that I will be able to wear my four here in Paris, "the Spaniard told PSG TV, and the club's website published it, and after that they delete it.


That the arrival of 35-year-old Ramos among the Saints is a done deal is also confirmed by the recordings in front of the Prince's Park stadium, which he arrived at after the medical testing. He left the club premises carrying his son, and the vans in which he was with 13 other people with whom he arrived from Spain were chased in ecstasy by a large number of Paris Saint-Germain fans.

The Andalusian took the four off the back of the German defender, Thilo Kehrer, but in addition to superstition, the reason is that he has his own brand SR4, which will not be hindered by changing the number on the jersey upon arrival at the new club.

The official announcement of the cooperation is expected on Thursday, and unofficially, the contract was signed two years, and according to it, Ramos will earn 12,000,000 euros a year. Recall, he came as a free agent after 16 years spent at Real Madrid.

Before him, the Parisians had already brought Georginio Wijnaldum this summer, whose contract with Liverpool and Achraf Hakimi from Inter for 60,000,000 euros plus a potential 8,000,000 through bonuses. Danilo Pereira was bought from Porto for 16,000,000, and the end of European Championship is awaited, so that the former goalkeeper of Milan, Gianluigi Donnarumma, arrives as a free player.