Luis Enrique on Pedri: "Nobody played like that at 18, not even Iniesta"

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Luis Enrique on Pedri: "Nobody played like that at 18, not even Iniesta"

The Spanish dream of a new final of the European Championship ended in the semifinals, as Italy won the jackpot in a better penalty shootout. Nobody still knows what the elimination means for Luis Enrique, who decided to make a brave move on the eve of the Euros not to invite any Real Madrid player but also to continue the generational change where he gave a great chance to some young people like the absolute hit of the tournament Pedri or Dani Olmo to whom luck has definitely turned its back.

Despite everything, the Spain selector is proud of his team. "This defeat was paid dearly, but I can freely say that everyone will be very proud of this national team, especially in the last few games. I believe we behaved well as a team from start to finish.

" Italy deservedly goes to the finals as a team that has played perhaps the most concrete football so far. "It was seen in the extra time that they will shoot the penalties. We wanted to get into extra-time, we played high pressing because we wanted to reduce their quality ", says Enrique and continues: "We achieved our goal by entering the quarterfinals.

It is a great pity that we did not make it to the finals in the end. This team has grown a lot, but I can't say exactly how much." "There are definitely more positive things, this is the profile of young players who want to succeed.

Our goal is to create a team that will be able to achieve great things. "

Spain reputation

Luis Enrique suffered big criticism in the introductory phase of the tournament because of the game that was not worthy of the reputation of Spain.

"In professional football, the result is everything. Then you don't have to ask the fans anything, just show them what you did. When things don't work, it's much better to get support than criticism, but this is professional football and we are used to everything.

" The winners of this tournament are Pedri and Dani Olmo, who have grown into the real bearers of the game of the Spanish national team. "Olmo played a fantastic game against Italy. He played a great game, very intelligently.

All he needed was the icing on the cake, but the Italian defense kept it well." "Let me ask you, have you seen an 18-year-old play like Pedri? Not even Don Andres Iniesta played like that. I've never seen anyone play so well at the age of 18, it's beyond reason.

" The result may not have come, but Spain now has a good base for the future. "My job is to make the team better. I think we have a great base for Qatar, but the future is uncertain. Let's rest first, then watch the Olympic Games in peace. "