Donnarumma: "Sirigu instructed me before the series what to do"

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Donnarumma: "Sirigu instructed me before the series what to do"
Donnarumma: "Sirigu instructed me before the series what to do" (Provided by Sport World News)

Italy is in the final of the European Championship! Only three years after the historic debacle and absence from the World Cup after 60 years, Roberto Mancini performed a miracle with the Italian team without any real superstars and took them to the finals for the first time since 2012 and the continental championship in Poland and Ukraine.

One of the heroes of Italy is Gianluigi Donnarumma. The super-talented goalkeeper saved the key penalty of Alvaro Moratta in the series and before that stopped several dangerous actions of Spain, which paved the way to the finals.

"This is a special moment for me. It all came together in me, it's not easy for me. But with the strength of the whole team, I managed to get to this position ", Donnarumma started the conversation for Sky Sport in tears and continued: "It is impossible to describe this feeling.

Now I want to enjoy with my teammates and then we get ready together for the finals. We dedicate this victory to our friend Spinazzola, who sent us a video of support before the game. " The young goalkeeper admitted that he studied the attacker's habits well before the match with Spain.

"The goalkeeping coaches are responsible for everything, but there is also a bit of goalkeeping instinct. I followed everything I was preparing for during the game and before the penalty series started." "Sirigu instructed me before the series what to do.

I can't say what, but he is an amazing player and a man with incredible vision. "

Bonucci after the game

Leonardo Bonucci played a top game and crawled under the skin of the Spanish strikers, but he admits that it was not easy for him.

"This is the hardest game I have ever played. Congratulations to Spain on everything, but once again Italy has shown heart, determination, and the ability to push the boundaries." "We were awarded in the penalty roulette ", says the Juventus defender and adds: "This is a victory you suffer a lot, but it is the sweetest of all." Fury coach Luis Enrique decided to leave Alvaro Morata and Gerard Moreno on the bench for the semifinal derby and the match will start with Ferran Torres as a fake "nine".

"We knew there would be surprises, Enrique did it several times during his career. There were a lot of moves on their part in our defensive field. But the heart won, we fought like lions for Italy. "

Now the Italians are facing a difficult match against England, which most consider the favorite, but that doesn't have to mean anything, considering that England has had problems with much weaker national teams in the previous part of the tournament.