Mino Raiola revealed who will extend the contracts

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Mino Raiola revealed who will extend the contracts

The journalists played ping-pong with Raiola, they felt that he was in the mood to give them some answers, so the burst of fire could begin. And about transfers, but also current topics in Italian and world football. For a start, the situation around Zlatan Ibrahimovic? "He will not be at the meeting in Milan tomorrow."

, as quoted by sky sports Italia At what stage are the talks on the new contract? "So far we are at a good point. We are talking, but we have not agreed yet." Is the problem in the money, or maybe in the strategy of the club? "I believe it's not a problem of an economic nature, but about conviction and style."

Does Ibra want to stay? "It takes two to get married. If he didn't want to stay, then there would be no negotiations. And we are negotiating." Are you optimistic about that? "If I weren't an optimist, I would stay in bed with the blinds down.

We must always be optimistic. I don't work to create problems, but to solve them."

Donnaruma contract

And Donnaruma? Did negotiations start around him? "I didn't talk about Gigi and I don't want to talk.

I know how sensitive it is and about the fans, the whole public. This is not the time to talk about it, there are other priorities for both us and the club." So can we talk about Bonaventura's contract? The contract has expired.

Are you close to an agreement with another team? "We are considering different options. We are very close to an agreement with a couple of teams. I hope that will be completed in the next few days." Let's talk a little about Juventus.

Are you surprised by the choice of Andrea Pirlo as a coach? "It was a nice surprise. If Pirlo manages to make his team play as he did, then Guardiola should also think about hiding. Pirlo was one of the players who knew best how to entertain the spectators."

. Does Bernardeschi stay at Juventus or can he go to Napoli? "Bernardeschi is aware of what he wants to do. I like him, we have talked many times. He understands that his career is not at the end, but at the beginning. I believe he is a player who can easily stay at Juventus, but if there are better conditions "For him or Juve, we'll consider it.

I've never closed the door in front of someone's face, I always evaluate everything. I'll do the same when it comes to Bernardeski. I think Juve are still betting on him, it will be a challenge for him to work with a new coach," a new tactical system, "Raiola said.