Barcelona are preparing for Messi: Junior Firpo in Leeds for 15 million euros

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Barcelona are preparing for Messi: Junior Firpo in Leeds for 15 million euros

It is not enough to function in the market and enable the stay of Lionel Messi, as well as to register players such as Memphis Depay, Sergio Aguero, and Emerson Royal, but it is a small step towards that goal. Barcelona has officially sold Junior Firpo to Leeds, and they will collect 15,000,000 euros in compensation from the transfer of the former left-back of Leeds, plus 20% of the next sale.

Leeds played great last season and this is a sign that the club wants to achieve even greater success next year, and try to secure the European competition if possible. Firpo has already been introduced as a new player at Elland Road, where he will receive a four-year contract.

Barcelona paid him 18,000,000 euros in 2019 and compensated the difference between the two transfers with the mentioned percentage. Firpo did not manage to cope with the competition at the Nou Camp, he remained in the shadow of Jordi Alba, so Ronald Koeman gave permission for his departure.

In recent weeks, both Milan clubs have shown interest in Firpo. The Rossoneri were interested in a loan with a buyout at the end of the season, but Leeds was more specific, they sent a specific offer and it was accepted at the Nou Camp.


It is known even earlier than Barcelona needs to release 200,000,000 euros for the players' salaries for the total balance in the budget, so Firp's departure will not solve anything, but it will be a significant step.

The real "golden chicken" this summer should be represented by Antoine Griezmann, who did not delight in Barcelona and could be a key step towards solving the problem. Now, many clubs will try to bring in Griezmann, who was not so bad last season, but he was not at the level expected to be a player of his caliber.

Of course, when it comes to such a player, most of the well-known clubs are standing in line, and some of them are PSG, Chelsea, and even Manchester United. Still, hardly any of these clubs need Griezmann given that they are offensively strong.

Barcelona will surely sell a few more players to have enough money for Messi and for salaries. Who will be next is still unknown, but indications are that it could be Umtiti and Pjanic, who almost didn't play last season.

Barcelona fans are increasingly impatient and hope that Barcelona will get out of this situation as soon as possible and manage to save Messi.