Pjanic and Umtiti are on the transfer list!

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Pjanic and Umtiti are on the transfer list!

A big purge began in Barcelona. It must be done for the club to have money for a new contract for Lionel Messi. The first two victims of that "sweeping" will be Miralem Pjanić and Samuel Umtiti. Players who came to the Nou Camp as big signings will leave almost without any significant effect.

This is especially true for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team player, who, after coming from Juventus, warmed up the bench more than he played. According to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona gave the green light to Pjanić and Umtiti to leave - for free.

Just to get rid of their salaries. According to the calculations of this paper, only if Pjanic left, the club would be released from the cost of 45,000,000 euros, which is the amount of the salary and duties from the contract of the Bosnian national team player.

There are, however, two problems in the whole story. The first is that neither Pjanić nor Umtiti accepted this message from Barcelona. They have contracts and they are not going anywhere until they receive offers that sound tempting.

And the other is that there are no such offers. Mundo says that no club has so far responded with the desire to buy either a Bosnian or a French football player. Not only Pjanić and Umtiti are on that transfer list, but there are more football players, but for now, these two names are the biggest of all those who are for "shooting" at the Nou Camp.


It is clear then why there are no bombastic signings in Barcelona this summer. Kun Aguero and Memphis Depay came, both as free agents. Now only Messi is waiting. His contract expired, he is free like a bird on a branch ...

Although Messi was close to leaving the club last year, many believed that it would not happen. In the end, it turned out that they were right. Indeed, this year it would be weird to see Messi in another club and there are little chances for something like that, but nothing is certain in today's football.

There are many clubs that could offer Messi a contract he would be happy with but the question is whether he wants to leave Camp Nou. It is unthinkable to watch Barcelona without Messi, although we will certainly watch such a scenario in a couple of years. Now it remains for the club and Messi to talk and find the best solution with which both sides would be satisfied.