Sporting could sue Inter because of Joao Mario

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Sporting could sue Inter because of Joao Mario

Joao Mario spent the previous season on loan at Sporting, and from the next, he could wear the jersey of Benfica. In just a few months, the Inter player could fly from one side of Lisbon to the other, but it still costs 3,000,000 euros as an obstacle to that transfer.

According to the Portuguese media, Joao Mario and Benfica have all agreed on his terms. He said "yes" and was in the mood to become an Eagle. However, Benfica and Inter have not yet agreed. And there is a gap of 3,000,000 euros because the Portuguese are offering 5,000,000, and the Italians are asking for 8,000,000 euros.

But that is not the only obstacle. At least that's how they see the situation in Sporting. When Inter bought the midfielder from the Lisbon Lions in the summer of 2016, a clause was included in the contract that they would not be able to sell him to another Portuguese club later without consulting Sporting.

The clause says that Inter must inform the Lions about the offer of another Portuguese club and that Sporting will have two days to equalize that offer and buy the player. If they fail to equalize, then Joao Mario will be able to walk freely.


They claim now in Sporting that Inter did not inform them about the negotiations with Benfica and threatens to send Milanese to court. Because, according to the same contract, if the black and blues violate the clause, they have to pay a penalty of 30,000,000 euros!

The transfer of Joao Maria to Benfica would be a curiosity for Portuguese conditions. The Inter midfielder started playing football at the youth school in Porto, before moving to Sporting as a minor. He also started his senior career there, and in the summer of 2016, he transferred to the Italian Nerazzurri for the sum of 40,000,000 euros.

However, the Portuguese did not manage on Giuseppe Meazza, he was on three loans in these five years: first in West Ham, then in Moscow's Locomotiv, and last season in Sporting. And it seems he is going to return to his homeland.

Only on the side of Lisbon where no one expected him. With his experience and knowledge, Mario can really help Benfica in the next season, and it seems that Benfica has set big goals, and will try to make an even better result. It remains to be seen how this will end