Shocking correspondence of French players has been released!

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Shocking correspondence of French players has been released!

France cannot finish a major competition in recent years in the usual way. Either they make a great result and everything is wonderful and fabulous, or they disappoint and all the dirty laundry from the toxic locker room comes to the surface.

This time the other thing happened. The atmosphere in the team of world champions was obviously terrible, considering what all surfaced after the elimination from Switzerland. There are too many strong egos and vanities that even a born leader like Didier Deschamps failed to control.

Let us remind you, France started to get better when Deschamps took over the national team and decided to clean it of problematic characters such as Nasri, Benzema, Lacazette, Rabiot. Some like Benzema and Rabiot later repented, promised to submit to the team and Deschamps forgave them.

He probably doesn't regret Benzema because the Real striker left his heart on the field, did his best, and behaved flawlessly. Which cannot be said for the Juventus midfielder. The affairs that followed the elimination from Switzerland also show how disturbed the atmosphere in the team is.

A lot of ugly things have leaked to the media and it is a public secret that the players are racing over who will send the material to the journalists first in order to wash themselves and accuse someone else. Everything that happens is not a coincidence or a novelty.

It had been smoldering for some time. In the preparation period, Girou was angry because he did not get enough balls and indirectly called out Mbappe, who then wanted to present his version to the public The dissatisfaction of the French stars with small details gradually spoiled the atmosphere so that everything would escalate with mutual accusations.

Even during the championship, some players were dissatisfied with the accommodation in Budapest because some people did not like the windows in the rooms ?! They complained to the coach and asked him to leave the Hungarian capital as soon as possible.

And then, during and after the match with Switzerland, everything erupted. At the match, the scandals were ruled by Veronique Rabiot, Adrien's mother and agent. The lodge intended for the families and friends of the French national team was like a war zone.

First, Pogba's friends made jokes about Rabiot and his first touch, only for Veronique to retaliate by shouting that the Manchester United midfielder was to blame for the lost ball that preceded the third goal of Switzerland.

Then she turned to Mbappe's father, Wilfried. "You better have fun with your arrogant son, who is protected by the media," said mother Veronique


The cameras recorded everything ... And it wasn't much better on the field either.

During the match, Rabiot and Pogba quarreled, Varane criticized Pavard, and Pavard justified himself that Pogba was guilty ?! Correspondence of the French national team members has been made public. "Do you have any problems, my friend?" If you have, tell me now.

Do you understand? ”Pogba asked the Juventus midfielder. Rabiot replied: "We all have to defend. If we don't defend, then we'll go to hell. If you don't want to defend, then go play futsal ". Pogba responded to the criticism with ironic "smilies" and told his teammate to shut up.

This provoked Rabiot even more. "What the hell are you laughing at in front of everyone ?! What is this supposed to mean? ” "What I said - shut up," Pogba concluded the correspondence. It is really shocking that things like this happen in such a serious national team.

We will see if this will affect some players to leave the national team or they will get huge penalties