Sergio Ramos got a 2-year contract in Paris

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Sergio Ramos got a 2-year contract in Paris
Sergio Ramos got a 2-year contract in Paris (Provided by Sport World News)

Only two or three hours have passed since Manchester United activated the first real summer "bomb" with the official arrival of Jadon Sancho, and we already have a new one. For now, without an official confirmation, but we could get it in the coming days because as the French RMC Sport claims, and the information is confirmed by Fabrizio Romano, Sergio Ramos has agreed to cooperate with Paris Saint-germain.

According to the mentioned sources, the Spanish defender boxed in Paris due to the policy of Florentino Perez, according to the mentioned sources - a two-year contract, but it is not known yet what his annual income will be during his stay at the Princes' Park.

According to the allegations that at the beginning of the year, PSG offered Ramos 15,000,000 euros per season in January, the 35-year-old defender asked the same from Real and Milan, although he primarily insisted on a multi-year contract.

They could not fulfill the first item at San Siro, the second at the Santiago Bernabeu, there is no obstacle for any at the Princes' Park, so Ramos, as a free agent, will undergo the medical test in the coming days and be officially presented as a new Paris player.

Along with him, in the next two weeks, the jersey of the vice-champion of France will be lifted by Gigi Donnarumma and Achraf Hakimi, all with the goal of the Saints finally becoming European champions.


PSG seems to have serious intentions to finally achieve what they envisioned.

They had tried in previous years but to no avail. They were closest last year in the final against Bayern, but they seem to be missing something. Whether it’s an experience or a winning mentality, we still don’t know.

Now they seem to want to strengthen their team with experienced players, who are used to winning big trophies, so Ramos is the best example of such a player. Ramos spent 16 years at Real Madrid and won all possible trophies.

He could really help PSG achieve its goals. In the previous season, PSG did not manage to win the French League either, which speaks about the poor condition of the club last year. After Ramos, PSG will certainly not stay on that, and will try to bring in a few more players.

Who will be their next target? Is it another defender or midfielder who is the weakest link in their team?

Whatever it is, the ambitions and goals are much higher next season, and these are perhaps the last chances to manage to leave Neymar and Mbappe in the team through the trophy.

It will be a particularly serious thing regarding Neymar, who is aware that his time is ticking and that it is necessary for him to start winning the Champions League as soon as possible.