Andrea Pirlo forms a team

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Andrea Pirlo forms a team

Former Juventus player Andrea Pirlo is the new coach of the Old lady. He had a great career at Juventus, although he arrived in Turin in his later years. He won many trophies with Juventus and remained inscribed in the history of the team.

That’s exactly what bought him the role of coach The day is approaching when Andrea Pirlo will signal the beginning of Juventus' preparations, the first training of the Old Lady in Constanta is scheduled for Monday before the start of the new season, and the professional staff of the legendary midfielder is slowly being formed, probably drastically different than in the era of Maurizio Sarri.

Roberto Baronio was hired

First, Roberto Baronio, the former coach of the young Napoli team, was hired. His arrival at the Italian champions' camp is explained by Juve's desire to comply with the regulations since Baronio has a PRO license, Pirlo has not yet - he has just enrolled in a course - so the former midfielder Brescia and Lazio, who walked to the club after club on various loans, "Cover" until Andrea acquires the formal title of Chief of Staff.

Then Igor Tudor was brought from Hajduk. The citizens of Split were paid 450,000 euros in compensation, the amount they would spend on the salaries of coaches in the next two seasons, as much as he was bound by the contract, and in that way, Pirlo got an associate in charge of working with defenders.

He will not stop, because he offered a place in the professional staff and Alessandro Nesta. The current strategist of Frosinone proved his talent leading the team in Serie B, he almost missed to be placed in a higher rank, he dropped out of Spezia, however, he left an obviously great impression and that is why Andrea Pirlo wanted to have him with him.

Especially since he knows him well from the Italian national team (won the 2006 World Cup) and the Milan jersey (two Italian championship titles, two Champions Leagues). Nesta, meanwhile, baked a craft in the United States leading Miami, spent one season on the bench of second division Perugia, to take over Frosinone last summer.

The only dilemma is whether it will accept the offeror will continue to develop in a lower rank. On the other hand, Juventus has to pay former coach Maurizio Sarri. The Tuscan expert was fired after the elimination from Lyon, however, a common language on the issue of affiliation has not been found yet. The champion of Italy offered 6,000,000 euros to compensate him, Sari does not agree and asks for more ...