UEFA Euro 2021: the quarterfinals previews

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UEFA Euro 2021: the quarterfinals previews

The round of 16 of UEFA Euro 2021 drew the top eight teams that will compete for the title of European champion. London, Wembley Arena in particular, are the designated theater for the epilogue of the tournament, despite fears and controversies over the Delta variant of the virus which also keeps European politics on alert.

The first semi-finalists of the top-half will meet on Friday 2 July 2021. Petkovic's Switzerland, executioner from world champion France, will face Luis Enrique's Spain in St. Petersburg, which has returned to shine with two five goals against Slovakia and Croatia.

The success in the second round, however, came only in extra time and the Spaniards, while remaining favorites for the semifinal, are not always able to show their potential to the fullest. Italy-Belgium, which compete in Munich, is probably the most balanced match of the quarter-finals, and the Italians are called to a flawless performance to stop the road of Romelu Lukaku and his companions so far always winning in the four games played.

Belgium still does not know in what conditions they will be able to field Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. In the bottom half, the second semifinalist will be decided on Saturday 3 July. England have an almost unique opportunity to take advantage of to play the title at home from the semi-finals onwards.

For the men of Southgate, the success against Germany has opened up a real highway considering the unexpected exit of the scene first of Holland and then also of other outsiders such as Sweden, Poland or Slovakia, perhaps better equipped than Ukraine next opponent to the quarters.

The match will be staged at the Olympic stadium in Rome and for Shevchenko it will be an opportunity to enter the history of his country. Denmark vs Czech Republic will be the last quarter final. Among the Czechs, Schick, striker reborn in the Bundesliga.

UK Government: 60,000 people at Wembley for semi-finals and final

The UEFA Euro 2020 semi-finals and final are due to be played at Wembley Arena, London. However, a few days after these matches, the advance of the fourth wave of COVID-19 in the UK is raising many doubts regarding health safety, especially due to the rapid spread of the DELTA variant of the virus, a variation of the Indian variant.

Just yesterday the President of the Italian Council of Ministers Mario Draghi had proposed to play these matches in Rome, given the relative health safety of the country. Instead came the UK government's response to the matter.

At least 60 thousand spectators will be admitted to Wembley on the occasion of the two semi-finals and the final of Euro 2020, scheduled for 11 July. It was the British government itself that announced today that the capacity of the London stadium, for the last three games of the European Championship, will be expanded to 75% of its maximum.

For the three games played in the group stage, the capacity at Wembley had been limited to 25%. Angela Merkel instead supports Mario Draghi on the seat of the European final. She said: "The European Championships are also held in an area of ​​Covid variants and, as you know, everyone who travels to Great Britain must go to quarantine. I hope UEFA will act in this sense with a sense of responsibility."