Southgate: "This is a dangerous moment for us"

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Southgate: "This is a dangerous moment for us"

A night to remember for a long time in England. The Three Lions knocked Germany out of the European Championship, defeated a great rival with 2: 0, and passed among the eight best national teams on the continent. Although they are still far from a sensational success, the victory over the Germans warms the soul of the English in the already hot days.

Gareth Southgate and his guys gave the nation a triumph that will be remembered and retold for a long time. "We know what our goal is. Of course, this is a great result today. England has never managed to beat Germany in a relegation match since the final at this same stadium in 1966," Southgate stated with satisfaction.

He told the nation that his team would not stop at this result. "My players have written history and have a chance to continue. We were once in the semifinals of the European Championship and now we have a chance to repeat that result and do something special."

"And we will certainly do our best. And now that we entered the locker room after the match, we immediately started talking about Saturday and the next game. This was an exceptional performance for us, but it exhausted us a lot, physically and mentally.



The England coach is aware that after this victory, the nation's already great appetites have grown even more. "This is a dangerous moment for us. We feel that enthusiasm of success that took the whole country and which now creates the atmosphere that we have to win the cup."

"But we are aware that this will be the biggest possible challenge for us. The players are ready for that ", Gareth Southgate underlined. There is a great atmosphere in England now because they are aware that their team can make a historic success, but one should also be careful considering that the teams in the continuation of the tournament are very dangerous and that no team should be seen as an easy opponent.

It is true that England knocked out one of the main favorites of the competition, but the most difficult tasks can be those with much weaker teams, and that is the part that Southgate needs to work on. Mental preparation will be very important, and the players must know that this is their historic chance and that they should calmly enter every next match.

It will be interesting to follow the English below, given that now all eyes are on them and they will have to justify the role they currently have