Mbappe: "I wanted to help the team but I failed"

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Mbappe: "I wanted to help the team but I failed"

Tonight, arrogance cost the French relegation from the European Championship. In two minutes, they demonstrated their power and turned it around, and when Paul Pogba threw that beauty from twenty meters into the goal, a rather arrogant celebration of the goal followed.

They believed it was over and it hit them hard on the head. Maybe the selector Didier Deschamps was not arrogant, like individuals, but in the end, he is the one who had to take the blame on his shoulders. "The responsibility is the only mine.

It is always complicated to explain such defeats. We had problems in the first half, we managed to turn it around in the second." "By the way, our strength is constant, but we showed weaknesses and allowed Switzerland to return.

If we lacked fortitude, it was because Switzerland softened us with their game. It's hard, it hurts, we did everything to end this differently. That is football, "said Deschamps A question that is always present when one of the favorites finishes the competition much earlier than planned.

His future in France? "It's not a question. There is togetherness and solidarity in this team. I'm responsible when things go wrong. I'm with the guys, the guys are with me. We'll need time to process this."

The decisive penalty in the fifth series was taken by Kylian Mbappe. The rest is history ... It is very painful for the French. "No one can blame him. When you take responsibility, such things can happen. He was obviously extremely affected," Deschamps concluded.


Kylian Mbappe finished the European Championship without a single goal scored, although before the start he was one of the players who were given the best chances to top the list of scorers. And not only that, but the missed penalty of the star Paris Saint-Germain just removed the French from the continental review in the eighth-finals.

The selector Didier Deschamps and the captain Hugo Lloris stood in defense of Kylian Mbappe. In any case, Mbape offered a public apology via social media. "Very difficult to turn the page. The sadness is immense after this elimination, we could not achieve our goal.

I'm sorry for this penalty. I wanted to help the team but I failed. Finding sleep will be difficult but unfortunately it is the hazards of this sport that I love so much," Mbappe said in a statement, posted on his Twitter account after the match.