Keane on Felix: “He’s an imposter"

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Keane on Felix: “He’s an imposter"

Europe will get a new champion. Portugal was eliminated in the round of 16 by Belgium (0: 1), and that especially angered the former defensive midfielder of Manchester United and the Republic of Ireland, Roy Keane. In his opinion, the team composed of such quality players should not have allowed themselves so many misses (officially 24 shots, five within the goal), and he especially talked about the young Joao Felix and his bad game.

A bit surprising, because it was with the entry of the 21-year-old Atletico Madrid striker and United's Bruno Fernandes that the game of the Portuguese came to life. The former football player, known for his fierce starts during his playing career, resented Felix for a miss, but it is not clear which because some other players had much better chances than his header in the 60th minute, which Thibaut Courtois managed to save.

It is possible that it's about a shot that did not send the ball in the right direction. “He’s an imposter, your country needs you and he comes on – hit the target! “£100million? If I was Ronaldo I’d certainly be going after him in the dressing room”.

Shocking! Felix and Fernandes they drove me crazy, ”thundered Keane, who now works as a consultant at ITV.

World Cup in Japan and South Korea

It seems that the Irishman forgot the year 2002 and the World Cup in Japan and South Korea, when he left his national teammates dissatisfied with the conditions in the training camp ...

If he already had to criticize someone, it should have been his former teammate at Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo, because of a new incident with the captain's armband. Felix's entry against Belgium in the 57th minute was his first appearance at the current European Championship.

Given that he is only 21 years old, it was not to be expected that he would be the one to bring a turnaround on his own, but he certainly contributed to the constant attacks of his team. As for the price that Atletico Madrid paid Benfica for his transfer in 2019, that is another topic.

Unfortunately for Ronaldo, Portugal will not defend the title of European champion and the question is whether Ronaldo will participate in the 2022 World Cup. It will be his last chance to win the World Cup title, of course if Portugal qualifies, and the chances are high that they will