Shaw on Mourinho: "He keeps mentioning me. It's pretty weird."

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Shaw on Mourinho: "He keeps mentioning me. It's pretty weird."

The animosity between Jose Mourinho and Luke Shaw does not stop for several years, since the two of them no longer cooperate at Manchester United. While the Portuguese was bossing at Old Trafford, the English national team player was not even close to the first team, and their bad relationship was not easy to hide.

With Mourinho's departure, Shaw managed to rehabilitate his career, he is currently playing for Gareth Southgate, but Jose's arrows are still flying towards him. Commenting on England's victory over the Czech Republic in the group (1: 0), Mourinho singled out the poor set-up of the Shaw during the corners and free-kicks as a negative phenomenon in England's solid defense.

The appropriate reaction of the United defender followed ... "I don't understand why he's doing this, to be honest. I don't know why he's still pointing a finger at me. I don't think I was dramatically bad, like he said," Luke Shaw said.

"Okay, he has to do his job, to have an opinion. I'm used of him saying bad things about me. I don't pay too much attention to that. I'm focused on what awaits us here at the Euro, on what our coach is saying and that it is"

Luke Shaw on Mourinho

In the end, the Manchester defender returned the criticism ... "I think Mourinho was a great manager, but the past is the past. It's time to move on, to look to the future. I'm trying to overcome all the misunderstandings we've had, but he obviously can't."

"He keeps mentioning me. It's pretty weird. Some of my teammates even noticed that. They asked me what it was about ... I hope that at some point he will find his peace and finally stop worrying about me. It is obvious that I am still in his head," Luke Shaw underlined.

Mourinho and Shaw seem to have been in great conflict, as Mourinho still mentions his name today. Shaw really wasn’t good at United, but we have to consider the reasons why that is? Maybe Mourinho was asking him for something Shaw hadn't done before, or Mourinho was asking too much.

After Mourinho left, Shaw became a completely different player. He was one of United’s best players last season and there was almost no game he played poorly. He was rewarded for his good games by Southgate who seems to have tremendous confidence in Shaw