Perez: "Super League project is not dead yet"

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Perez: "Super League project is not dead yet"

For two or three days, Europe was shaking. The idea of ​​forming the Super League met with the revolt of the entire Old Continent, media, fans, former football players ... In fact, all but 12 potential members and actually those clubs would be the only ones to benefit from it.

But not everyone was equally persistent in that intention to make it come to life, so at the threat of Uefa, but also due to the protests of their fans, English clubs decided they should leave and the "League of the Rich" fell apart without even seeing the light of day.

Or not? In England, the stories about the Super League have subsided, but warnings are slowly coming from Spain that the idea is still alive. Four days ago, the first man of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, spoke about it, and now the president of the Super League and Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, has also spoken.

And he claims - it will continue. "We have made a binding agreement with all 12 teams and no one can leave. The Super League continues. Nothing has failed. We have been working for two years. When we came out with the plan, UEFA threatened us and the English teams came out."

"We are waiting for the court decision in Luxembourg. The Super League is not closed, on the contrary. We asked for the restrictions imposed on the English to be recalled," Perez said in an interview with El Transistor.

The president of Real Madrid reminds us of the changes that football has undergone during its history and the improvement that they have brought.

Modern football

He assures that the same will happen with the Super League, although he once again emphasizes the importance of the financial aspect.

"Regional competitions were played before. Andalusia, Valencia… Then the Spanish league was formed and people said that football had come to an end." "Then, 55 years later, the European Cup was formed and again it was said that football had come to an end.

And it was changed. We left the national leagues and played attractive games every week, which are bought. The rest are not sold." And that's the whole point of the Super League - not everyone is equal. "We created something called the Super League from the principles we explained.

We want to give the football to the fans. We can't start with the fact that we are all equal. Champions League group stage matches are barely watched." "The ratings only get higher in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

The audience is getting smaller and we will have to start from clubs that have more fans. Roma matches are not seen as United matches." Is there a fear of punishment? "Don't worry, because we earned everything we have.

FIFA put pressure on the English teams. They signed something they were not allowed to sign because they have already committed to the Super League." "In basketball, we have the Euroleague created by clubs. Can't we have the same in football? "