Joachim Low: "We can't repeat the same mistakes"

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Joachim Low: "We can't repeat the same mistakes"

Germany coach Joachim Low is not too worried about the potential release of his team in the match of the eighth-finals of the European Championship against England, although he admits that he is not satisfied with how his team played in the group stage.

And especially against Hungary after Hungary showed they are not an easy opponent. However, the long-time coach of Panzer believes that more offensive opponents will suit him much better. "I'm not worried, it will be a completely different game.

Hungary parked the bus, everyone was behind the ball, they went into every duel." "It will be a different match against England. They play at home, they want to attack, it will be a more open game than it was last night.

We have to improve things, we are aware that we have to take care and to be careful", Low said.


England is an opponent who will know how to punish the mistakes in the German game more severely. "We can't repeat the same mistakes.

We have to react better. We are looking forward to the match with England, it's great to play against them at Wembley." "The group stage is over, now we have to focus. Now you either pass or fall. Our performance so far has not been too much good, but if we show what we can like we did against Portugal, we can be a tough opponent.

If we don't, we can get into trouble. " The so-called "death group" ended in the second position, and now there are even greater temptations. "We made some mistakes and gave the opponent too many balls.

That should not happen again in the next match. We did not find enough space in their defense." "In the end, we had a great mentality and good character. We did not give up after falling behind. After we equalized, the character and face that my team showed were great, "Lev concluded.

England and Germany will meet on June 29 in London, and the match will start at 6 p.m. The Germans and the English have not shown much so far, and it will be interesting to watch their match. Both teams want to reach the very end, and the slight favorite in this duel is Germany.

England must finally take that step further and reach the final, which will be very difficult given the competition, but if Gareth Southgate's team is at the required level, it is possible that they will succeed.