2: 2 in Budapest, Ronaldo broke a new record!

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2: 2 in Budapest, Ronaldo broke a new record!

We expected goals, they scored goals. But quality football not really, just in some moments. Instead, in the match between Portugal and France, we watched a reserved game, unworthy of the current European and world champion.

And mistakes, one after the other, a bunch of mistakes from which three penalties were born, the most deserving for the "friendly" point in Budapest and the passage of both selections in the knockout phase - 2: 2 (1: 1). A point that France is definitely more satisfied with, because they managed to defend the first position, so as the leader of Group F, they will play with Switzerland in the eighth-finals, while Portugal will have a harder time defending the European throne - through Belgium.

It couldn't be harder. And it's not that Fernando Santos' team couldn't reach first place. But, when they equalized in the 60th minute, they only further strengthened the defensive block, aware that in case of defeat, due to the results in Munich - Hungary led to the 84th minute - they could end up at the bottom.


And while the French is celebrating a point, Cristiano Ronaldo is proud of a new record. Once again, he was not overly noticed, he did not participate too much in the game, but he did what he knows best. He routinely realized the two penalties given to him by Hugo Lloris and Jules Kounde and reached the 109th goal in the national team jersey, which equaled the former Iranian national team player Ali Daei, as the player with the most goals in the national team jersey.

It's as if someone clicked "copy Germany" - "paste France" and directed the match at the Puskas Arena. With no intention of attacking Hugo Lloris' goal, the Portuguese reached the advantage after half an hour. And it was Lloris who helped them.

Lloris was late for a cross from a free-kick, knocked out Danilo Pereira, and sent Ronaldo to the white spot, from where the Juventus striker does not miss. Another yellow minute for Lloris, as if he hadn't had enough of them at Tottenham years ago.

But lately, Nelson Semedo had them too often. Wolverhampton right-back will not remember this Euro well in many ways. He didn't have much to do in the first round, instead the Hungarians beat him in almost every duel, the part he recently dreamed of Robin Gosens, and from tonight he will dream of Kylian Mbappe, as the Paris Saint-germain striker escaped him in the very finish of the first part. On the other hand, Karim Benzema was infallible.