Will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?

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Will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?

The fuse is lit, we'll see if the bomb explodes this summer or next. It is certain that Leo Messi was never closer to leaving Barcelona. The exclusive news of the Catalan radio from last night should be taken seriously. The well-informed Radio Catalonia reported that Messi said at the first meeting with the new coach Ronaldo Cuman that he was closer to leaving than to stay in Barcelona.

So, the essence is that the decision has not been made yet, but also that Messi could definitely break soon. At the moment, Leo does not see himself in Barcelona's future plans. No wonder… He's had enough of everything.

Barcelona has been acting like the Titanic for a long time and it was only a matter of time before they would break into a dream-like Bayern. The worst thing is that it does not seem that things will improve soon and that the recovery of the club seems like a painful and long process.

And Messi has no more time to wait… Koeman came, and he could leave as early as next March because he signed such a contract. The presidential elections are in March, and since no one expects Bartomeu to stay, the new president will have the right to fire the current coach and bring in a new one.

And often sounding coaching names were strong weapons in the election campaigns in Barcelona. Nobody goes into the campaign without the idea of ​​a new coach, because then he does not offer any changes that would make the members vote for him.

And then what can Koeman seriously offer the Messiah? What are the plans and visions when it could be packed in March? Messi does not like that kind of uncertainty. He does not want to lose another year due to the political turmoil in the club and the unworthy in the club seats.

He is 33 years old, he knows that he does not have many more seasons of top football left in his legs and he wants to use them as much as possible instead of waiting for stabilization in Barcelona. Who knows when he would welcome her considering the chaotic situation in the club.

For many years Leo Messi suffered in the national team of Argentina and Barcelona was his oasis of peace and tranquility in which everything is darker for him and in which he works the way he likes. He deserved that status with his games and behavior.

The national team was the complete opposite. Always quarrels, controversies, frequent changes of selectors, and strong vanity of players. It was a matter of time before Messi would put an end to his national team career, it seemed that he was close on several occasions, but he still gave his country a new chance.

Now he has come to such a situation in Barcelona. He can't change anything and that's what eats him the most. Too many bad and political moves have been made in previous years to make mistakes so easily corrected. Everyone was expected to hide behind him, but he is not a robot who can pull everything off and disguise sinners.

If Messi decides to leave, the question arises: Where will he go?

Only two clubs are currently acting as possible midfielders: Manchester City and Inter. Real Madrid, Bayern, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool should be written off immediately from those who can pay him.

Juventus have already burned with Ronaldo and they certainly would not embark on a similar adventure because the investment did not pay off. After all, Ronaldo is no longer the best player at Juventus either, and he earns four times more than the best.

For Messi, going to Guardiola would be an ideal football scenario, and he would get the opportunity to prove himself in the strongest league in the world. That is something closest to what he had in Barcelona, ​​and for Pep, it could be a lifeline because his rating is at an all-time low after another fiasco in the Champions League. They could save each other.