Buffon signed for Parma: "I have shown that emotion is important to me"

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Buffon signed for Parma: "I have shown that emotion is important to me"

Where a great career began, that is where it will end. Unless Gianluigi Buffon surprises the world public again in two years, as he did three times in the last four summer transfer window. Going to Paris Saint-Germain, returning to Juventus, and moving to Parma.

The Italian veteran was warmly welcomed on Tuesday night at the "Ennio Tardini" stadium, where he headed to the stars in 1995. Ovation, scarves, banners in his honor caused a real torrent of emotions, but Buffon remained calm and explained in detail how the cooperation came about.

"For about 20 days, I thought about everything that was offered to me, only to finally call my wife and tell her, 'Let's go to Parma.' By this act, I sent a message more to myself than to others." "I have shown that emotion is important to me, otherwise I can neither function nor succeed.

I am not used to being different ", said Buffon, who signed for Parma until the summer of 2023 after the expiration of his contract with Juventus. Interestingly, he will be coached by Enzo Maresca, his former teammate from the joint period in the Old Lady jersey.

By the way, two years younger than Buffon. "We have heard that we would primarily talk about tactics. After that, I asked for a three-week break, to totally disconnect from everything and decide where to continue my career."

"I am a strong goalkeeper and in order to succeed, I have to be one hundred percent involved in the project. Otherwise, I risk a bad effect. For the last stop of my career, Parma seems like the perfect choice. "

Buffon as an example

Gianluigi is expected not only to be a goalkeeper but also to be an example off the field, especially to younger colleagues.

"I've been dealing with that double role for the last six or seven years. I still concentrate primarily on the field, because the effect on it determines you as an athlete." "As for other requests, I behave as before, I am part of the group, aware that my teammates have always appreciated me throughout my career.

" Although Parma is in the second league, one of the best goalkeepers in the world of all time is sure that he will not stay in that company for long. "During the last visit of Juventus to" Tardinia ", I went down to the Parma locker room, talked to the coach and told him that the club is in safe hands even if they fall to a lower rank." "President Kyle Krause assured me how serious he is about the new project. Parma has a bright future. "