James Rodriguez wants to go to Milan

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James Rodriguez wants to go to Milan

Carlo Ancelotti is back at Real Madrid, James Rodriguez is scared for status at Everton, although the Caramels have not yet elected a new head coach. The Colombian would still like to escape from Goodison in time, and according to media reports, manager Jorge Mendes has already started offering him all over Europe.

Southern Europe though. Colombian and Italian media write that Mendes first knocked on the door of Milan, Napoli, and Atletico Madrid. However, the Rossoneri are currently the most interesting option, because they have to find a replacement for Hakan Chalhanoglu, who went to Inter for a higher salary.

Until now, Real's Dani Ceballos, Verona's Mattia Zaccagni, and Chelsea's Hakim Ziyech have been mentioned as his successors. The problem, however, is that Real would not let Ceballos without compensation of at least 35,000,000 euros, while Chelsea would ask for at least 40,000,000 for Ziyech, and there is also his salary of 6,000,000 per season.

That's why Rodriguez is an option. He is already a veteran and Everton, and they took him for free, could not overdo the demands because his contract expires in 2022.


Mendes is convinced that Milan could bring him in for a modest 15,000,000.

The problem, however, is James' salary of 9,000,000 euros per season. He could not get that much at San Siro, with the possibility of mentioning Milan selling Rafael Leao to finance Rodriguez's arrival. Tiemoue Bakayoko is also a topic, Napoli will not buy him, so he would go back to Milan.

There will certainly be no place for him at Chelsea, but Blues will certainly ask for compensation, again around 15,000,000 euros, before his contract expires in 2022. Rodriguez was great last season at Everton, especially at the start of the season.

An injury followed and he failed to return to the form he was in at the beginning. Everton also looked like a team that could go to Europe, but unfortunately, they did not have the continuity as in previous seasons. Rodriguez is still at the age where he can show his talent.

We all know what kind of player he used to be, but simply some things were against him such as injuries, wrong decisions, and coaches who didn’t trust him. Now he would have the opportunity to play in the Champions League and show in Milan that he still hasn't forgotten to play football. The price would not be bog, and he could offer a lot to Milan