Paul Pogba expects a new contract upon his return to Manchester

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Paul Pogba expects a new contract upon his return to Manchester

From the announcement that he finished with Manchester, through the rumors that Zinedine Zidane will bring him to Real, that is, that he will return to Juventus, we came to a new contract for Paul Pogba (28) at United. As today's Sun reports, and other England media report, some of the English giant plans to prepare an offer for an experienced midfielder during the European Championship, which he will not be able to refuse.

Reportedly, under the new contract, Pogba would become the highest-paid player in the history of the Premier League with an income of 400,000 pounds a week or 465,000 euros. The Frenchman currently earns like Raheem Sterling (349,000 euros) and is ahead of Kevin de Bruyne (447,000) and David De Gea (436,000).

The new contract would place Pogba at the very top of the list of the highest-paid players in the world. Monthly: 1,860,000. Annually: 22,320,000. Only Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Griezmann, Bale, Eden Hazard, and Mbappe would remain in front of the midfielder.

And having in mind that Manchester plans to offer him five-year cooperation, the total salary for the given period would amount to 111,600,000 euros. Pogba did not advertise on this issue ... "I have another year of the contract, everyone knows that.

So far, there have been no proposals to continue cooperation with United. But I'm still here." "After the end of the season, I immediately went on vacation, so I didn't see the manager or the people from the club.

At the moment, I am focused only on the European Championship," the Frenchman underlined a few days ago.

Raiola on Pogba's destiny

Let us remind you, Mino Raiola said only six months ago that there is no theory that Pogba will stay at Old Trafford.

"I can confirm that Pogba is finished with Manchester. He is dissatisfied there, he is not able to express himself as expected of him. He needs a new team, a change of air." Yet Pogba was good in the second half of the season and there may have been some changes between him and Solskjaer.

United seems to be planning a new project in which new United players would become Sancho, Varane, Trippier, and Llorente from Atletico Madrid is also mentioned. Maybe that’s exactly the reason Pogba stays, in addition to the huge contract he has on the table. It's all up to him now We are waiting for Rajola to announce again ...