Why Southgate doesn't pay attention to Sancho?

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Why Southgate doesn't pay attention to Sancho?

According to English and German journalists, Jadon Sancho could become the most expensive English football player in a few days, because Borussia Dortmund winger is in front of Manchester United for the alleged 90 and a fraction of a million euros, but Gareth Southgate is not interested in that.

Although he finished the season in great shape, 21-year-old Sancho is not in the foreground of his coach. He didn't play a minute on the field in the previous two rounds of the European Championship. He was not even in the protocol against Croatia, while he spent the duel with Scotland on the bench for reserve players.

It would make sense for England if they were dominant against their rivals, but that is not the case. Croatia was defeated 1: 0, while in the duel with the Scots there were no goals (0: 0). They are therefore wondering, albeit more in Germany than in England, why there is no player in the team who was one of the best in the team from Dortmund last season and with eight goals and 12 assists in 26 games among the most deserving for winning the Cup and third place in the Bundesliga table.

"A team that omits Sancho twice must be phenomenal in attack," the eminent German sports journalist Rafael Honigstein stated ironically. For the first two games of the European Championship, Southgate chose an identical attacking trio: Kane as a striker, Sterling on the left, and Foden on the right, but that did not prove to be an ideal solution.

Grealish stats

Especially not in the match against Scotland, in which the only chance from the game was created after the mistake of the opposing player Scott McTominay. The mentioned trio exchanged a total of 62 passes, only one of which led to a shot towards the visitors' goal.

It was only with the entry of Jack Grealish that the English attack came to life, but the great midfielder of Aston Villa did not find the support of his teammates in his ideas, so the Scots managed to neutralize his every attempt to create a goal attack.

England media mostly point the finger at the indisposed Harry Kane, who seems to think more about where he will continue his career than concentrating on the field, but he also points out the lack of creativity in offensive actions, which is something Sancho can contribute.

According to the statistics published by the Daily Mail, the young Borussia footballer is the most concrete winger in England. On average, with his dribbles or passes, he brings five shots on goal per game, he assists in every other match, and he has 6.5 progressive passes, with which the team wins space towards the opponent's goal.

Statistically speaking, Grealish is the closest to him, so maybe it's time for Southgate to change something for the duel with the Czechs, and it will decide the first place in Group D.