Laporta plans to bring 4 more players to Barcelona

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Laporta plans to bring 4 more players to Barcelona

Joan Laporta knew what could be expected when he took over the presidency of Barcelona for the second time in March. He knew what kind of work awaited him at the Nou Camp. Or at least he thought he knew. On the eve of the session of the Assembly of the club, his first since coming (returning) to office, Laporta admitted in an interview with Vanguardia that the situation in Blaugrana is much worse than he even imagined.

"The club is worse than I expected, although I expected it to be in a difficult situation. There are some contracts that limit us a lot. There are things that will have to be explained and I will not rule out any measures."

"Everything will be explained because otherwise, we would-be participants. The same people always appear in contracts ", Laporta is sharp. The financial situation is aggravated by the high incomes of a large number of players.

Namely, the Catalan salary club spends more than any other, which should change soon. "Existing contracts can be changed or reorganized, and then there are drastic measures that we would not like to take." "Nothing is excluded for the benefit of Barca.

Between salaries and depreciation, we have a figure of 650,000,000 euros, which is more than club income. Those salaries. are now obsolete on the market. "

Four players more

Despite the difficult financial situation, Barcelona brought Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Emerson Royal, and Memphis Depay this summer.

True, three without compensation, but Laporta announces that there will be more. "We will bring three or four players more. We will make a very competitive team, which we have already done with Eric Garcia, Aguero, Emerson."

The president of Barcelona talked about the situation with Lionel Messi, who has not yet officially extended his contract with the club. "I would like Messi to say 'yes' as soon as possible, it would definitely help us.

We communicate every day. He is excited and I am grateful to him for the desire he shows to stay." Finally, the still current topic, for now, is the "archived" Super League, which Laporta supports. "If we want football to be more attractive and sustainable, we have to go that way," Laporta assures.

It seems that Laporta is trying to bring big changes to Barcelona, although it seems that he will have a very difficult task to get things going. For now, given the players he has brought, the future with him looks optimistic