Carragher: "We can't just wait for Kane to score a goal"

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Carragher: "We can't just wait for Kane to score a goal"
Carragher: "We can't just wait for Kane to score a goal" (Provided by Sport World News)

Last season, 33 goals and 17 assists. Based on such a performance, the English expected Harry Kane to "eat the ball" at the European Championships and be one of the best players in the projected path to the title. Instead, the national team captain didn't do anything.

The unrecognizable edition against Croatia was masked by Rahim Sterling with a goal for the victory, but after 0: 0 in the neighbor derby with Scotland, the public attacked the Tottenham star. With a reason, because if he literally could not threaten a modest selection such as Scotland, the question arises as to who made a mistake and where.

In the 127 minutes he spent on the field in the first two rounds of Group D, not only did he not shake the net, but he didn't have a chance either. At the same time, against Croatia and Scotland, he touched the ball only six times in the opponent's penalty area.

"We can talk about Harry Kane, how many times he touched the ball, but the question is whether the team created enough chances for him," points out the former England representative, Ian Wright. Jamie Carragher, as a legend of Liverpool and a man who played 38 times for the national team, agrees, shifting responsibility for the rest of the team.

Especially midfield. "The fact that Harry Kane has no chance speaks more about others than about him. The problem in these two games is that he looks tired after a hard season." "I said the same after Croatia, and it happened again at the meeting with Scotland.

We can't just wait for Kane to score a goal ", Carragher is angry. How could he not be, when more was expected from the guy who scored 34 goals in only 55 games for England.

Harry Kane transfer

"He is the shadow of the player we knew.

He lacks enthusiasm. There is no adequate help from midfielders, who are not working hard enough for that. At the same time, Harry looks tired." "We are talking about a player who, it seems, is waiting for a big transfer during the summer (he has already announced to the president of Tottenham, Dani Levy, that he wants to go).

He would have to wake up." "Every striker in the world depends on what kind of balls they get, and this midfield of England did not create any great chances for Harry Kane", warns Graeme Souness, former midfielder of Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Liverpool.

Harry Kane finished the duel at Wembley 20 minutes before the end. Somewhat earlier, in the 63rd minute, Phil Foden came out. "Why did Gareth Southgate take out Phil Foden?" There was no reason to change him? I'm disappointed.

Also because of the reason Jaydon Sancho is sitting on the bench." "However, he is a football player who scored 16 goals and 20 assists last season. And we needed a creation ", suggests Ian Wright and adds: "This team was made to be the favorite, to win the EURO. And what they show is a shame. "