Lopetegui has only good words for Conte

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Lopetegui has only good words for Conte

Sevilla is known as the club that has won the Europa League the most times. They won it in the new format in 2014,2015 and 2016. Many expect it to be the same this time. It is true that Sevilla does not have such a good team as it once had when she won but against United, they showed they can be a tough opponent.

The last European trophy was won by Inter in 2010. Then, under the leadership of Jose Mourinho, they beat Bayern Munich. Few expected such a scenario in 2010. This time, a slight favorite is Inter, which had a great season. They chased the trophy throughout the season.

However, they did not succeed in the end, but they showed that they can ruin the plans of Juventus and others in the coming seasons Sevilla's coach, Julen Lopetegui, had only words of praise for Inter before the finals, which his team will play tomorrow against Nerazzurri.

Unlike Antonio Conte, who had a much sharper presentation - not bad in any sense, but certainly sharper - in which he said that history remembers only the winners, Lopetegui had a slightly different approach. "Inter is a complete team, like all Antonio Conte's teams.

They have a lot of ability in attack, and they are tense in defense, they don't give you many chances. We will enter the match as we always do, wanting to be strong and support each other"

Lopetegui is aware

It was clear that Lopetegui's messages carried a slightly different tone than Conte's.

"We will enter the game with a lot of modesty and respect. We are aware that every detail is important. We have to be focused, to understand the game. " Not only did the coach of Sevilla praise Inter, but he only had such words for Conte.

"He is a great coach and brings his character to each team. Inter is full of players who are ready to compete to win Serie A, that is the reality. We believe in ourselves and we are focused on what we do, how we want to play."

Lopetegui pointed out. Sevilla has already gone through Roma on the way to the final, but Lopetegui expects a different kind of challenge against Inter. "Roma and Inter have nothing similar, even though they play in a similar system. They are two completely different statues and we have to prepare for that," Lopetegui said