The coach of Denmark criticizes UEFA for the options they had

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The coach of Denmark criticizes UEFA for the options they had

Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand criticized UEFA and the decisions that were made after the stressful situation with Christian Eriksen in the match against Finland. Hjulmand says that the European House of Football did not show compassion and that his team was brought into a rather difficult situation.

During the break, which lasted 90 minutes, the Danes were offered to choose between returning to the field and the decision to play the next day at 12 o'clock. For Hülmand, it is putting before a finished act. "The only real decision was to put the players on the bus and return home and then to discuss it.

In the case of the coronavirus, it is possible to postpone the match for 48 hours, but with cardiac arrest, it is obviously not." "I think it is wrong. No, you don't have to deal with the protocols, sometimes decision-making can be driven by compassion, "said the Danish coach.

UEFA announced that the decision was made after both teams asked to play the same evening. However, in Denmark, they believe that they should have been offered the third option because it was impossible to play the next day at 12 o'clock.

"It is completely wrong to understand that we came and said that we wanted to play, that this was our first option. It was a choice between two scenarios." "And then you can discuss whether we were under pressure.

It was an extremely difficult situation. Looking back, I don't feel good that we were on the field after the incident." "I think the guys showed exceptional strength of character and I'm very proud of that," Kasper Hjulmand said.

Belgium vs Denmark

The Danes were beaten by Finland in the continuation of the match, which seriously endangered their placement in the eighth-finals. The second match in Group B will be played against favored Belgium on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Belgium is the favorite in this match, but considering the situation and the atmosphere in the team, Belgium will be an even bigger favorite. It is really sad that Denmark has experienced this situation, and the situation with Eriksen has left big consequences on most players, who will probably not be able to do their best as was the case.

Still, many will cheer for Denmark, and hope they can get through the group stage of the European Championship. Belgium looked great in the last match and they want to continue like that.