Juventus wants to sign Ousmane Dembele for free

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Juventus wants to sign Ousmane Dembele for free

It could be called "Juventus Specialty" in the world of football. And it is reflected in the fact that quality players are brought in - for free. A "million" of them have arrived in Turin in recent years: Adrien Rabiot, Andrea Pirlo, Emre Can, Paul Pogba, Kingsley Coman, Fernando Llorente, Sami Khedira, Dani Alves ...

Juventus intended to do the same thing next summer. According to Radio Catalonia, the leaders of the Italian club got in touch with Ousmane Dembele. The Barcelona winger is entering the last year of his contract and there are big chances that he will not agree to continue cooperation with the giant from the Nou Camp.

Although Barcelona is putting pressure on him, Dembele does not accept the offered conditions, because he is considering leaving. Truth be told, neither he nor the Spanish club, who did not get even a part of what they expected from the French, were happy about their expensively paid arrival.

Five-year contract

Juventus has prepared an offer that is hard to refuse: a five-year contract and Dembele would earn 12,000,000 euros in each. The only problem is that he would have to come in a year when his contract with Barcelona expires since the black and whites do not intend to pay compensation in order to take him now.

It does not seem that they are in the mood in Turin for the swap that is mentioned to be offered by Barcelona: Dembele or Griezmann for De Light. After all, why would they agree to, if they could have Dembele and De Light in the team in a year ...

Some media write that Pep Guardiola also cast an eye on the fast-footed Frenchman. Well, if City also enters the game, then Juventus will already have a little difficult job. But the Italian sense of business should not be underestimated.

Dembele has had a few good games this season, but when you consider his complete stay at the club he has failed to show what was expected of him. Of course, the reason is injuries, but some believe that the biggest reason is his lack of interest in football and that Dembele has some other priorities.

Juventus has revived the careers of many players, so Dembele could try to be the old one. Of course, a lot will depend on Dembele, who will probably think carefully about whether to stay at the club, or try to show his talent at Juventus.