De Paul will sign a contract with Atletico Madrid

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De Paul will sign a contract with Atletico Madrid

Yes, yes, yes! For five years, we watched and read how various European clubs and even giants are interested in Rodrigo de Paul, and Udinese managed to resist every time. But, no more, because Atletico Madrid finally finished their job.

According to the information from Italy, the last details of the transfer are being agreed upon, which will bring the requested 40,000,000 euros to Udinese. However, the fixed part that Atletico pays is 35,000,000 euros, while the remaining five million euros are in various bonuses.

As for the Argentine midfielder, he has already settled all the details about the contract in Madrid. He will sign for five years, with a salary of 3,000,000 euros net, plus bonuses. That is three times more money if only the basic salary is calculated, in relation to what he received in Udinese.

We can't wait to see De Paul on the big football stage. For years, we listened to hymns at the expense of the Argentine midfielder, but he never managed to make that big step forward in his career.


However, everything changed after the end of this season.

In a conversation with the people from Udinese, De Paul clearly presented the idea of ​​leaving them, which was accepted by the people from the top of the club, but they made it clear to him that the club who wants to buy him must meet the necessary financial conditions.

It was the price of 40,000,000 euros that forced teams like Leeds to enter into further negotiations and finish the job, with the Atletico obviously having no problem risking and paying such a high price. Just a few days ago, it was written in Madrid that De Paul is "crazy about Atletico", that is, that he is just waiting for concrete moves from the Iberian Peninsula because he wants to go to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

They had many plans in Atletico for a long time, they tried in various ways to reduce the price by including players in part of the transfer, but in Udine they did not want to hear. Only 40,000,000 euros and nothing else.

In the end, De Paul's decision was the most important, but also the ambitious idea of ​​Diego Simeone to bring his compatriot to Madrid and make him an important factor in the next season. Atletico Madrid sports director Andrea Berta obeyed Chola's wish and closed the deal.