Blind did not sleep the night before the game because of Eriksen

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Blind did not sleep the night before the game because of Eriksen

It was not easy for the favored Netherlands to won points against Ukraine, and it was even harder for the Daley Blind to play that game. In the end, the 31-year-old defender achieved a double victory. Team 3: 2, individually because he found himself in the starting lineup of his selection.

He was replaced soon after their 2-0 lead, after which the Ukrainians managed to equalize, but were disappointed by Denzel Dumfries five minutes before the end. As Blind was substituted in the 64th minute of the game, he could not hide his tears, but he was not sad because of the replacement, but because of the enormous psychological pressure, he was facing.

Namely, the Ajax football player has a special defibrillator installed since 2019 due to heart defects, which monitors his heartbeat during exposure to the effort, and it was not easy for him to play only a day after his former teammate collapsed on the field during the game.

"It really shooked me. Christian is my friend, it was a horrible scene. I've seen such a situation before and it's not psychologically easy for me to get over it."

The night before the game

Blind was so shocked by the news that he couldn't sleep the night before the game and kept thinking about Eriksen.

Yet in the end he made a brave move and went out on the field "I thought about not playing, I struggled with myself as images of the moment he collapsed were in my head non-stop, but when I heard about his message encouraging my teammates to go out on the field, I broke down and decided to play.

And I'm proud of myself for that," Blind said after the match. He also had a message to the public. "Leave Eriksen alone, don't speculate about his future. Give him time and space to rest." The representative of Denmark, through his manager, sent a message that he feels better and that he wants to know what was the reason for him fainting on the field during the game.

Certainly things like this shock the public and most footballers, but accidents like this are unfortunately an integral part of the sport, and sometimes doctors can’t do much. Yet this time, Eriksen was lucky and managed to survive a cardiac arrest on his luck.

We hope that Eriksen will recover and that such situations will no longer be on the field, because it is really sad to see such scenes.