Coutinho could continue his career at Leicester!

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Coutinho could continue his career at Leicester!

It didn't work out in Barcelona. The different situation was in Munchen, but Bayern did not want to trample on the principles and pay the player 100,000,000 euros. He played the football of his life in Liverpool, and that is why it could happen that Philippe Coutinho cooperates again with the man who launched him into the stars, but this time Brendan Rodgers would bring him to Leicester.

The head of the professional staff of Leicester identified the Brazilian as a potential signing in the summer transfer window, and regardless of the fact that at first look the job seems difficult to do, there are indications that it will be realized.

First of all, because of the desperate financial situation at the Nou Camp, because of which President Joan Laporta wants to sell players who burden the budget with a high salary. It is worth having in mind the fact that Coutinho was often injured last season, and even while he was still healthy, he was not the first choice of coach, so the parting is understandable and expected.

Buying Coutinho

The helping hand is offered to him by a coach who knows him in his soul. Rogers tried to bring him to Chelsea while he was the coach of the younger categories, and Felipe was only 12 years old. He did not succeed, because Inter was faster.

But he succeeded in 2013 when Liverpool signed him for 13,000,000 euros, and his rise began with him, which was additionally exploited by Jurgen Klopp, in order to sell the offensive midfielder to Barcelona for 135,000,000 euros at the beginning of January 2018.

"The money that Liverpool received for Coutinho helped them buy Van Dijk, Alison, and Fabinho, players who completely transformed the team," Rogers explained last year. Now he is the one who could profit in a great way.

For two consecutive seasons, he missed the placement in the Champions League in the last round of the Premier League. With Coutinho, it would be easier to attack one of the first four places that lead to the European elite.

Although, it costs money. No one dares to reveal the details, although England and Catalan's media leave the option of a loan. Only for Coutinho to get where they really like him. This would surely attractt other players to come as their team would look much stronger with Coutinho. Indeed, it will be a great thing for Leicester if they succeed in the end