Mbappe was annoyed by the criticism from Giroud

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Mbappe was annoyed by the criticism from Giroud

Part of the public believes that Karim Benzema is a wormy apple. Perhaps based on previous experiences with Mathieu Valbuena. The distant past. In this short time since he returned to the national team, the Real striker has not created the slightest problem.

He is as calm as a kid. That is why there is a spark between the other two French strikers. In the clinch are Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappe. A huge ego as soon as the Chelsea center forward resented his younger colleague for not giving him the ball more often in the friendly match with Bulgaria, so that the ace of Paris Saint-germain would feel the need to answer him.

And that is by appearing at the official press conference of the national team after three years and three months. That's how annoyed he was because of Giroud's comments that he called out his teammates as much as he could.

"It wasn't like he said. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. I am a striker and I have an opinion. Giroud presented his own, but it didn't excite me ", said Mbappe. He claims that he often finds in situations like Olivier Giroud when the rest of the team does not use him enough.

"As a striker, I have the same feeling 365 times in every game. It will appear again, every time I feel like I'm not getting enough ball. It bothers me more that he made it public. "


The French media, through a detailed analysis of the meeting with Bulgaria, established that Kylian Mbappe really ignored Giroud.

From the 41st minute, when the Chelsea striker came in instead of the injured Karim Benzema, he passed the ball to him only twice. The four balls were given to Benzema, Antoine Griezmann got five, and Ousmane Dembele, who entered in the 66th minute as many as 11 (until the 84th when Kylian came out) "In the locker room, I congratulated Giroud for scoring two goals.

He didn’t say anything to me, and then I heard what he said at the press conference." "He didn't say anything bad, but it bothers me that he said it publicly. I wish he had talked more about that topic in the locker room.

Still, we've known each other for a while. " Obviously not enough to control the ego. "You know how I behave in the locker room. If I have something to tell someone, I do it. It's no problem if it stays in those four walls. It's not a problem, those are little things, "Mbappe said. It always starts with the little things ...