Christian Eriksen will end his career!

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Christian Eriksen will end his career!

For Christian Eriksen, his football career is finished, but there are many open questions about his collapse, claims Professor Dr. Sanjay Sharma. Professor Sharma is a sports cardiologist at St. George's University in London, and he is also the president of the health commission of the Football Association of England.

He also worked at Tottenham with Eriksen and is well acquainted with his condition. And he is shocked by everything that happened in Copenhagen and is looking for answers. "The guy had all the tests completely normal until 2019, so how do we explain cardiac arrest?" Something obviously went wrong.

Fortunately, they managed to bring him back, but the question is what happened and why it happened, "said Sharma. Without wrapping things around, a doctor from England says that Eriksen was clinically dead on the field in Copenhagen at one point.

Doctor on Eriksen

"The fact is that he is stable and awake, he looks good from the outside. I don't know if he will ever play football again. Let's be completely honest: He died at the game, just a few minutes, but he was dead.

Would any health worker or service then allow this to happen again? The answer is no. " He says Eriksen has to give up football after all. And if he was still in England, he certainly wouldn’t be playing anymore. "The good news is that he is fine now, that he got out, the bad news is that his football career is over.

If he was still in England, he would certainly not play anymore, we are very strict about that ", said Dr. Sharma. Health problems have opened a lot of questions for Eriksen at the moment, but at this moment, the most important thing is that the recovery takes place in the desired course, which was confirmed by the Football Association of Denmark in an official statement.

"This morning we talked to Eriksen, who greeted his teammates. His condition is stable and he is still in the hospital where he will undergo further tests." "The team and the professional staff of the national team received psychological support and we will continue to be there for each other after yesterday's incident.

We are thankful to everyone for the support they have given to Eriksen and we want to encourage everyone to send us messages for Christian to convey to him and his family, "the statement said.