Eriksen revealed his condition in a message

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Eriksen revealed his condition in a message

The scene from the end of the first half of the match at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen and the fight for the life of Christian Eriksen aroused the horror of people around the world. The football, but also the general public stopped at the moment with only one question, whether the ace of Inter and the Danish national team is feeling good.

A picture that freezes the blood in the veins, players, and fans were shocked ... The uncertainty lasted for tens of minutes, hellishly long minutes, having in mind that in such situations, every second looks like an eternity.

However, the good news about a new victory in another battle, the most important one - life, brought relief. The positive news reduced the tension, and Eriksen, after he recovered, shared the good news with his teammates. "I'm fine," was enough to calm his friends from the club ranks who, hundreds of kilometers away, publicly supported him, waiting for just those two words.

"We watched scenes during the broadcast that suggested that something dramatic was happening. Unfortunately, we saw similar scenes on Italian fields," Giuseppe Marotta, director of Inter, revealed to Rai Sport. Although all members of Nerazzurri were very upset by the events in Copenhagen, they respected Eriksen's recovery and waited for the Dane to announce himself.

Eriksen feels good

"Eriksen sent a message in our internal chat which confirms the connection between the players. We are optimistic about Christian's condition, the Danish staff told us that the situation is under control."

"I can't go into details and determine the merits. The most I can say is that Eriksen answered positively, the intervention of Simon Kjaer and the doctor was very important, "Marotta pointed out. Recall, the match was stopped after a dramatic event in the 43rd minute, and Eriksen was transported to the hospital after first aid.

The condition of the Danish football player stabilized after the intervention of the doctor, and the match continued after a few hours. The football architect supported his teammates from the national team, also with a message, but the team of Kasper Hjulmand was obviously still under the impression of what was happening, defeated by Finland (0: 1) Denmark will now have a much more difficult task in the continuation of the championship, but that is not a priority at the moment considering Eriksen. We all hope that Eriksen will be well, and that this event will end positively