Mbappe gave a hint that he could go to Real Madrid!

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Mbappe gave a hint that he could go to Real Madrid!
Mbappe gave a hint that he could go to Real Madrid! (Provided by Sport World News)

When the first man of Paris Saint-germain, Nasser Al Khelaifi, stated that "he will never sell Kylian Mbappe" in Madrid, the euphoria subsided about the stories that Real's first wish this summer is the French superstar.

However, the last interview of Kylian Mbappe gave a hope to the leading people of Blancos, which is why everyone in the club is preparing for the last offensive in the hope that everything will end with a giant signature.

In a lengthy interview for France Football magazine, Kylian Mbappe revealed that he has not yet made a final decision on whether to stay in Paris or not, which alarmed absolutely everyone in Madrid. It is no secret that Mbappe is the silent suffering of Real president Florentino Perez and hopes for his signature as a thirsty leader, it has also long been known that the Frenchman has a boy's dream to one day wear the Royal Club jersey, which is why his latest statements provoked a stormy reaction.

The Madrid AS reveals that Real's top team participated in informal talks with Mbappe's family and that now the cards have turned to the side of the Spanish champions! Although he said that he is not sure if he will stay, everyone at Real hopes that after the European Championship he will say that he wants to leave Paris, which would be the last signal to start the realization of a megalomaniacal business.

Mbappe has a contract with PSG for only one more year and if he does not want to extend the contract, there are only two options - to let the leading men of the French giant and at least partially reduce the financial loss or to keep him until the end of the contract and then go to Madrid as a free agent, without compensation.

"I am a person who lives fast. Maybe that's why I'm a mega-competitor who can't stand defeat. No later, I want to win now." "I admit that because of that I can be difficult sometimes, especially on the field. From time to time I realize that I am too impatient.

And I should be Zen, relaxed. But because of what I want to become, I always want a maximum from myself "

Time for decision

If you are in such a hurry, why do you have so much time to make a decision about your future? (Laughter) I guess because I'm not in a hurry.

I have to make the right decision, to give myself a chance to look at the situation from all sides. I am in a place where I feel good, where I like it. But is this the best place for me? I don't know yet. " Has the club given you enough time to decide or are you in a hurry? "They understand my situation, no problem.

I'm not crazy, I know what kind of project is being built in Paris, with or without me it will be exactly the same club." "PSG understands the request I had. Probably because they know I won't betray the club or stab him in the back.

Being a great player also means proving yourself off the field constantly, doing things clearly and with class. " How much longer will it take before you decide? "Suddenly I'm really slow (in the decision). I'm not buying time, I just took a little space to do the right thing and make the final choice.

" When was the last time you took more time to make a big decision? "When I signed for PSG, in the summer of 2017, because I signed the contract on the last day of the transfer window." Is that a sign? "No. You have to understand one thing - this decision does not only affect me.

It's not a burden. I can say that it works in my favor. A little more than usual, the focus is on me while waiting for the final decision." "And I like the fact that I'm under the stage lights. We talk all day about my decision, but when the match comes, I am a professional football player, then I only talk about the game, not the future.

" Despite everything, Real is aware that the transfer will be very difficult to realize. The Parisians are trying in every way to extend their contract with Mbappe in order to welcome the next World Cup in a club jersey with Qatari sponsors.

And, as the World Cup is played in Qatar from November 21 to December 12, PSG wants to have Mbappe as one of the "ambassadors" of the team in that tournament..

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