Kai Havertz: Leverkusen is demanding 80 million euros

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Kai Havertz: Leverkusen is demanding 80 million euros

The sports sector flew in all directions in order to provide Frank Lampard with the reinforcements needed for Chelsea to be at the top of the Premier League and Europe again. With 100,000,000 already spent for Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech and another 200,000,000 euros approved for bringing in three defenders, Chelsea is just preparing for the biggest transfer in the club and the history of German football.

Everything is ready for Kai Havertz, after only three months, to overtake Timo Werner on the list of the most expensively paid German football players and sovereignly become the first for whom Chelsea paid a nine-figure sum of money!

Well-informed German journalist Christian Falk, who usually always hits the target when he announces something, reports that official negotiations between Chelsea and Bayer started in the middle of last week and there is no doubt that Havertz will join the "100+" company those who were paid more than 100,000,000 euros.

Bayer CEO Fernando Caro recently revealed to the public that Haverz is seriously leaning towards taking the next step in his career, which is practically one of the two key moments in this case. Namely, Bayer would not mind keeping Havertz, but it would not cause him much trouble in case he wants to leave on his own.

The club and the player have previously agreed that the transfer will be realized only if a buyer appears ready to meet the financial requirements. And that has been known for a long time - 100,000,000 euros and not a cent less.

The transfer will cost about 80 million euros

At the moment, no one is 100 percent sure what the amount of money on the table is, but Chelsea has been trying for some time to overthrow Bayer's demands and make a combination of compensation, plus bonuses.

That is the formula that is the most realistic since Kai Havertz Chelsea will cost an incredible 200,000,000 euros in the future! Namely, Havertz's agents have already boxed a salary of 20,000,000 euros a year, with a contract for five seasons, which is around 100,000,000 euros.

If the transfer itself is in that range - here are the final sums! Now it only matters how much money Chelsea will give for the fixed part of the compensation. It will certainly not be 100,000,000 euros, and there are currently two different pieces of information - one is that Chelsea pays 65,000,000 euros for a fixed part and gives the rest in easily accessible bonuses, the other is that the obligatory part will be 80,000,000 euros, plus various additions to the name of his games.

The public pays a lot of attention to Chelsea because the cost of transfers this summer alone could amount to over 400,000,000 euros. It is a dizzying sum, and it gains even more weight when we know what kind of time we live in today.

However, Chelsea plans to cover at least half of that amount with outgoing transfers, which will surely be there, and the relief is that the club has not invested so much money for a long time due to the ban on registering new players.

Recall, apart from Werner and Ziyech who have already arrived, Chelsea is expected to hire Ben Chilwell, Lewis Dunk and John Stones, plus Kai Havertz and probably a new goalkeeper. It remains to be seen what Chelsea will do in the end, considering that the club has a lot of work to do, and little time until the start of the season next month