Hakan Calhanoglu: The wish of many European clubs

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Hakan Calhanoglu: The wish of many European clubs

Months ago, Milan had big ambitions about Gianluigi Donnarumma (read: Mina Raiola), or about Hakan Chalhanoglu. Both conditioned the extension of the contract with salaries that the Rossoneri could not and did not want to provide.

While a replacement in the form of Mike Maignan has already been brought for Donnarumma, the Turkish offensive midfielder could stay at San Siro because, as the Italian Gazetta writes, "There are no offers for Chalhanoglu"

According to the contract with Milan, which expires in about twenty days, the offensive midfielder earned 2,500,000 euros a year, and he asked the Rossoneri for twice as much in order to stay. Milan offered 4,000,000, but no agreement was reached, but as Chalhanoglu became aware that the European giants did not really long for his services, he could still stay in the ranks of the Italian vice-champions.

The door for signing a new contract is probably not completely closed to him, although Paolo Maldini went in pursuit of Rodrigo de Paul, ie Hakim Ziyech To be more precise, it is not that no offer has arrived at the address of the Turk.

Qatari's Al Duhail presented a very generous 8,000,000 euros per season, but one of the better performers of the free kicks in Europe is not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​continuing his career in the Middle East at the age of 28.

Juve and Barcelona

Months ago, Juventus was mentioned as a new environment, recently the Spanish media connected him with Barcelona, ​​but there are no concrete offers, as we said. The European Championship is coming up, where Calhanoglu will be one of the hopes of the Turkish national team.

Depending on how he plays in the group with Italy, Wales, and Switzerland, he could catch the offer he wants. But he must keep in mind that Milan's door will not be open forever, because they are looking for his alternatives.

After coming to Milan, Calhanoglu did not play at the same level as in Bayer Leverkusen and most fans did not have the patience for him. However, last season was his best season in the Milan jersey, where he showed that he is still a top player and that he can show a lot more.

Calhanoglu will be wanted this summer, but the question is whether he will be able to resist all the offers that come to Milan Fans would certainly want him to stay now, but the question is how realistic that will be