Ronald Koeman arrived in Barcelona!

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Ronald Koeman arrived in Barcelona!

The reconstruction of Barcelona's wreck has begun. After a series of cancellations, the first arrivals follow. New coach Ronald Koeman arrived in Barcelona this afternoon, where he has had a house since his playing days, and he is expected to be promoted at the Camp Nou tomorrow.

Let us remind you, Koeman rejected Barcelona's offer to replace Ernesto Valverde in the winter because he did not want to leave the Dutch national team in the lurch, which he revived and did a great selection job. The reason for that was that the Dutch were expecting the European Championship this summer, but as the coronavirus disrupted all plans and postponed the EURO, Koeman agreed with a heavy heart to turn his back on the national team and take over the club of his dreams.

Barcelona is the only club for which Koeman had a special clause in the contract with FS Holland that he can leave with a certain compensation if an offer arrives from Catalonia. That compensation should amount to about 5,000,000 euros.

So much over-indebted Barcelona will have to pay in order to get Koeman's freedom from FS Holland. Part of that amount will also be covered by Koeman's earnings, who agreed to a financial sacrifice to take over Barcelona.

The Dutchman will sign a two-year contract, but that contract will be able to be terminated by the club after the presidential elections in March next year if the new management decides on a new coach.

Alfred Schreuder

Dutch expert Alfred Schreuder is coming to Barcelona with Koeman, who will be his first assistant.

It is a very strong name for the role of assistant. Schreuder was the first assistant to Eric Ten Hague in Ajax and gained the image of a great expert that the players adore, and Dušan Tadić, who called him the "brain" of the professional staff, also praised him.

Thanks to his good work in Ajax, Schreuder fought for the job of the first coach of Hoffenheim last summer, but he had no success there and was fired. However, Koeman should be of great help in Barcelona. And after completing the expert staff, it is expected that reinforcements will be brought at the request of the new strategist.

Donnie van de Beck from Ajax is the first wish and his transfer should amount to around 35,000,000 euros. There is no time to lose, Barcelona has fallen to low ebb and urgent reconstruction is needed at all levels. Or the worst will happen. The departure of Leo Messi, who is tired of the stupidity of the club management…