Zhang announced that some players will leave Inter

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Zhang announced that some players will leave Inter

The sudden departure of Antonio Conte has again launched the financial situation of Inter, which has not been good for a long time and could be even worse. Not only salaries were late, reports from renowned magazines, and, above all, but relevant magazines and media also focused more on the topic of Inter's debts, as well as the events in the conglomerate Suning and the Chinese club Jiangsu, owned by the same family.

For the most part, everything is conditioned by the pandemic situation in the world, which has disrupted not only the plans of many but also the way it functions. Although Inter's administration managed to solve the problem about the salaries, Conte was the first to raise the anchor, which could potentially cause a domino effect.

It was reluctantly announced by the first man of Nerazzurri, Steven Zhang. The reality is that Inter definitely cannot keep the champion team, and the question is not whether they will, but who will leave the Giuseppe Meazza stadium.

In an interview with Milan's Gazetta, Zhang openly said that Inter needed to consolidate their finances, which for the most part should come through the sale of players. Romelu Lukaku has practically already confirmed that he will stay because he had a conversation with Simone Inzaghi and he wants to try to defend the title, but practically everyone else is in the spotlight to leave.

Most of all, the focus is on Lautaro Martinez, who has not yet signed the long-talked-about new contract, and Ashraf Hakimi, when a lot of dust was raised at the end of last year and the beginning of this year because Inter was over three months late with paying the first installment of 10,000.000 euros for his transfer from Real Madrid.

Scudetto and Conte

The transfer was agreed for the amount of 40,000,000 euros. "We need a strong financial income by the end of the summer, but we also want to keep the competitive team in order to perform well in the Champions League," said Zhang, adding: "Of course, we want to win the title again, because the goal is to be permanently at the very top of European football." Given what is inevitably being prepared, but also strong competition, Zhang is aware of how difficult it will be to defend the title.

"Six of the seven clubs in Italy dream of winning the Scudetto during the season, but the reality is different. That is why we are enjoying what we have done now, we will see what will happen in the future. " He saw Antonio Conte as the ideal man for Inter's project, only now that story has failed ...

"From the first moment we took over Inter, we thought that Conte was the ideal man for our project. Two years after we first got in touch we managed to bring him." "I have always been convinced that Conte is the winning coach. That's why we've invested a lot in him over the last two years. "