Negotiations between Conte and Levy did not end successfully

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Negotiations between Conte and Levy did not end successfully

Antonio Conte left the ranks of Milan's Inter after winning the title in Serie A, Neroazuri could not promise him new signings due to financial problems, so due to the lack of ambition in the management, the Italian decided to raise the anchor.

There was an opportunity to return to the Premier League, Tottenham was ready to hire him. Negotiations were conducted, but no agreement was reached and according to numerous world media, there will be none. The talks ended unsuccessfully and they turned to other targets.

It is stated that the Italian expert was suspicious about the potential of the team and that he asked for a huge budget for new players but also guarantees that Harry Kane will stay at the club. The English media reveal that he demanded a salary of over 17,000,000 euros, but also about 120,000,000 for transfers.

Clearly, for Daniel Levy, it ​​was too much and negotiations were over. Conte simply wanted guarantees that the club would fight for the title, and in his opinion, the team needed a general, which would require a lot of spending.

Academy players

Levy is known as a hard negotiator, although the Spurs got in touch with the 51-year-old expert as soon as they heard that he left Inter, the agreement was simply not possible due to the excessive demands of the man who had already conquered England leading Chelsea.

The first man of Tottenham is also aware that the team needs a serious refreshment, as well as that it will be difficult to keep Kane, who expressed a desire to change the environment, in order to fight for trophies in a bigger and more successful club.

He also knows that he will need a large amount of money for something like that, but he also wants a coach who could help young players from the academy to progress and thus reach a place in the first team. Clearly, this would allow the club to save money or make money by selling some of the talented players.

Conte is simply not the man for such a job. The problem for Levy and his associates is that the Italian is just another coach in a row who rejected the Spurs. He wanted Julian Nagelsmann (chose Bayern), Brendan Rodgers (stays in Leicester), and he was even ready to bring back Mauricio Pochettino(stays at PSG).

According to the English media, Roberto Martinez, Nuno Espirito Santo and Erik ten Haag now remain as options, although the Dutchman has extended his contract with Ajax.