Ibrahimovic on Donnarumma: "He could have become a legend like Maldini"

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Ibrahimovic on Donnarumma: "He could have become a legend like Maldini"

Legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave a more than interesting interview for Gazzetta delo Sport, where he touched on his injury and absence from the European Championship, but also Gianluigi Donnarumma, who decided not to extend his contract with the Rossoneri after six years.

According to him, the young keeper of the net could become a real icon of the club, like the famous Paolo Maldini. "I'm very sorry. I'm asking you: what is the value of Donnarumma? He grew up in Milan, he could have been the team's goalkeeper for 20 years.

Well, maybe not 20, because he's not Ibra, a-ha-ha," in a joking tone Swede finished his sentence However, he soon returned to a rather complex subject. "He is the best in the world. He could have become Mr. Milan, like Paulo Maldini.

Whether he leaves or not, I don't know. I know that it takes two for tango. I would tell him to stay in Milan until the end of his career," Ibrahimovic added. And then about the European Championship. "Am I disappointed with the injury? More because of Milan, because I missed so many matches.

I wish I had helped more. I'm someone who normally plays 50 games a year." "Maybe I should be more realistic, demand less from my body, but I can't." "But it was an incredible 18 months, Milan returned to the Champions League.

I wanted to win the "Scudetto", but in general, we improved a lot." "Of course, I'm disappointed with the European Championship, but it wouldn't be me if I participated in competition when I'm not one hundred percent ready.

I prefer to stay aside and support Sweden. "

Giroud and Allegri

The arrival of Olivier Giroud at the San Siro is mentioned. "The more high-profile players we have, the better. Giroud has a lot of experience, we don't have many players who have won trophies." "If he comes, he is welcome.

Also because this is a very hard-working group, ready to learn and improve." Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri return to Serie A. "It's a nice challenge for Mourinho. He joins a team that is not among the favorites, but he is used to it.

Whatever he says, it has an impact all over the world. I am also happy because of Allegri, he was my coach at the beginning of my career, and then he became the winner." "It would be nice to try some experience abroad, to complete it.

But not everyone is like Zlatan, who takes his luggage and goes to someone else's yard. We are all different ", Ibrahimović finished in his style.