Ronald Koeman stays at Barcelona!

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Ronald Koeman stays at Barcelona!

There is no dilemma anymore, Barcelona will not look for a new coach this summer! Club president Joan Laporta has officially confirmed that Ronald Koeman will remain head of the profession for the next season as well. The Dutchman has a contract for another year, but there was a dilemma about whether he will stay since the club was not thrilled with winning only Copa del Rey.

At one point, the Spanish media wrote that Laporta told Koeman that he would stay only if he did not find a new head of the profession in 15 days, but the news that the Dutchman would stay on the bench came long before that deadline.

Laporta confirmed the information through Barcelona's newspapers. "After a period of analysis, we decided to continue cooperation with Koeman, who still has a valid contract. We are very pleased with the conversations we had.

They were honest, and the coach's behavior was impeccable, "Laporta began. All parties have found a common word, to continue the cooperation, which is the message of the first man of the club. "We have found solutions to all the small differences in opinion.

We have discussed what is best for Barcelona and we are happy to announce these decisions."


Asked whether Koeman would have stayed if his contract had expired, Laporta gave a diplomatic answer. "The year of the contract he has did not have an impact on our decision," said the first man of Barcelona.

How satisfied will the fans of the Catalan giant be with this decision, the question is now ... Koeman did not have a successful previous season and most Barcelona fans are not happy with his performance. Barcelona had one of the worst seasons in history and nothing went their way.

Although they have Messi and a couple of great players in the team, Barcelona was not like the one from a couple of years ago. Most of the players they have brought in the last couple of years have turned out to be mistakes.

They have failed to find the form they have had in past clubs, and it is as if the pressure that exists in Barcelona has affected them and destroyed their talent. It is certain that Koeman will have to do much more next season if he wants to achieve success with this team that really has potential, and with 2 or 3 new players they can finally be what Barcelona fans are missing.