David Silva made a false promise

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David Silva made a false promise

David Silva found himself on the pillar of shame due to the decision to bend his back before the demands of his wife Melanie and sign for Real Sociedad, although he practically had an agreement to come to Lazio for weeks.

It is disgusting to discuss family matters in the house of David Silva, ie what led to the man to whom Manchester City will raise a statue in front of the Etihad turning Lazio and going to the Basque Country, but this event triggered an avalanche of negative comments directed at the Spanish offensive.

Partly and with good reason, because David Silva did not treat Lazio and employers in Rome in a gentlemanly way. All relevant media in Italy have been dealing with this topic since last night, and the details of the failed business, that is, the biggest scams of the summer transfer market, are slowly coming to the surface.

Silva's transfer to Lazio was agreed practically last week when the two sides agreed on the details of the contract worth 12,000,000 euros for three years. Immediately afterward, Lazio scheduled medical examinations in Rome for this week, and Silva got everything he was looking for - a villa in an elite part of Rome, a private plane that could use a personal driver at any time to help him get around the city.

Everything turned around very quickly. Silva stopped responding to calls from director Igli Tare and boss Claudio Lotito, and stories about his wife Melanie's desire to return to Spain soon began to appear sporadically.

She allegedly insisted on living in Valencia, which Silva did not like due to the chaotic situation at the club from Mestalla, from which he left for Manchester City exactly ten years ago. Real Sociedad is probably a compromise solution to their previous disagreement about where Silva should continue his career, given that Sociedad was not in the plans.

Lazio ultimatum

In Lazio, they gave Silva an ultimatum via a message to declare whether she is coming or not by Tuesday, and Real Sociedad announced a sensational transfer via social networks in the late evening hours, just before midnight!

Italian Sky claims that Silva was silent even then and did not say anything to the people from Lazio, who found out about the final outcome on social networks. That is, on Sociedad's orders… Judging by the fact that even before Silva's official signature, Sociedad posted recordings and photos of the jersey with the number "21" on the networks, with the message that the equipment worn by Martin Odegaard got a new owner, it seems that the Spaniard knew where he will continue his career, he just didn't have enough respect for Lazio to say that.

According to some announcements, he got more than half less at Real Sociedad than he should have won at the Olympics, plus he will not play in the Champions League. Silva obviously wanted to fulfill the wish of his better half after ten years of staying in Manchester, but in the end, everything turned out very badly. According to him, his image is the most, and among Lazio fans, he will become a hated character…