Bad racism episode: fans boo kneeling players for Black Lives Matter

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Bad racism episode: fans boo kneeling players for Black Lives Matter

Fans boo kneeling players for Black Lives Matter. The very bad episode of racism happened at the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough before the kick-off of the soccer match between England and Austria, friendly in preparation for UEFA Euro 2020.

England won 1-0 with a goal from Bukayo Saka. The loud, bad howls addressed to the 22 players of the two national teams when they knelt on the pitch, before the kick-off in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign, make it clear that the appeals against racism have not been received by everyone.

Contract between Kobe Bryant and Nike has come to an end

Contract between Kobe Bryant and Nike has come to an end, according to what Vanessa Bryant told ESPN.

Official statement said: "The contract ended on April 13th Kobe and Nike have collaborated in the creation of some of the most beautiful sports shoes ever, adored by fans and enthusiasts around the world." According to what some sources reported to ESPN, the clash between Bryant and his sponsor was already underway in the phase that followed his withdrawal became an impassable barrier after the Lakers' Hall of Famer disappeared following the helicopter crash in January last year.

Kobe's family: "My hope will always be to allow Kobe fans to wear and dress his branded products. I will continue to fight for this to happen: everything about Kobe, every new production, is sold out completely in seconds.

This tells it all. We will continue in our work to maintain the legacy of Kobe and Gigi, to honor them in the best possible way and this will never change." Vanessa Bryan has confirmed that she owns the Kobe Bryant's logo, while the The Shealth logo on the shoes is held equally by both parties.

The words of the company: "Kobe Bryant was a key part for Nike in creating a deep connection and a deep bond with customers. He pushed us to be better. Although his contract and working relationship with us has come to an end, Kobe remains a member of the Nike family that we will continue to love intensely."

We have also to recall that Vanessa Bryant revealed the cops who released the photos of dead Kobe. Almost 14 months after the tragic accident in Calabasas, the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and the other 7 passengers aboard the helicopter there is still something which are happening.

Enraged by the discovery that some LAPD officers would take, and then circulate, photos of the victims and the scene of the accident, Vanessa Bryant posted the names of the four on her Instagram account. The agents responsible for this ignoble gesture.

That their identity could be made public is the result of a previous lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's and Fire departments filed by Ms. Bryant herself. Having obtained the ok from the court, the social post has arrived (indeed, a series of posts, 12) in which the names of the agents are highlighted in a red box (Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell and Raul Versales ).

Mejia, in particular, is accused of having taken and saved on his personal mobile phone from 25 to 100 photos (subject, in some cases, the charred bodies of the victims) and then having sent them to Cruz, guilty of having forwarded them to Russell, who even later showed them to a Norwalk bar owner.

Both Russell and Versales are then accused of further showing the photos in question to police personnel who had nothing to do with the investigation into the January 26, 2020 incident. On the actions of these 4 LAPD officers, will now have to pronounce a court.