Barcelona has prepared a new 5-year contract for Dembele

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Barcelona has prepared a new 5-year contract for Dembele

At the Nou Camp, things started to move from a standstill. Barcelona's long-standing wish, Sergio Aguero, put his signature on the contract until 2023, today the contract was signed by Eric Garcia, and the leaders of the Blaugrana are working hard so Ousmane Dembele won't raise the anchor next summer, when his contract expires.

A few months ago, Barcelona put a proposal for a new contract in front of the Frenchman, which the winger refused. Mundo Deportivo writes that the negotiations have been renewed, but also that the disagreement in terms of finances and some other small things still exists.

However, unlike the previous contract, which Ousman Dembele flatly rejected, this time the French striker is interested in hearing and considering the offer. With the return of Joan Laporta at the Nou Camp, some new winds began to blow, and Dembele became someone they want to rely on in Barcelona in the coming period.

The player contributed to that, as the injuries bypassed him and he had a more contribution. True, in a season that everyone in Barcelona wants to forget as soon as possible. Ousmane Dembele played 44 games last season, scored 11 goals, and Ronald Koeman managed to integrate him into the team.


After a lot of problems, Dembele started to feel comfortable on the shores of the Mediterranean, and regardless of whether the Dutchman will remain the helmsman of the Blaugrana, Dembele is someone to be reckoned with.

Barcelona paid a lot of money for Borussia Dortmund winger: they gave 135,000,000 euros and now that he is entering the last year of his contract, they do not want to lose him. Yet despite such big money and high expectations from the Frenchman (who was the best young player at the time he played in Dortmund) Dembele did not meet expectations and most of the games he played did not resemble that of Dembele from Dortmund.

Many feel that Dembele is not focused enough and is not motivated enough after signing a fabulous contract. Most resent him for spending more time playing games than he does on the field. But no one can deny his talent, and he seems to need someone who will motivate him enough to become that old Dembele.

Will Koeman try again, or will it be someone else? In any case, it is time for Dembele to show what he knows and to justify a lot of money, given that he is still young and that he has a great career ahead of them if he takes things seriously.