Maurizio Sarri soon on the bench of Lazio?

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Maurizio Sarri soon on the bench of Lazio?

Lazio got a cold shower when they found out that Simone Inzaghi will leave the club, so now the White and Sky Blues are looking for a coach for next season. According to Sky Sport Italy, a meeting was held last night at the house of Maurizio Sarri between him and the sports director of Lazio.

So far, he is the first favorite to take over the club from Rome. Also, the same source adds that Lazio contacted Siniša Mihajlović, but also that the former defender of this club is no longer an option. Sarri is still under contract with Juventus, but the Old Lady could cancel the contract a year before the expiration if an agreement is reached.

The former Juventus and Chelsea strategist is now the leading candidate to take over Lazio because Simone Inzaghi agreed to take over Inter and sign a contract with the Nerazzurri for two years. According to Sky Sport Italy, Tare arrived in Tuscany near Sarri at his home to discuss a possible agreement.

Lazio is challenged to meet Sarri’s economic demands, while the coach believes the current team is competent enough and needs to be strengthened with a couple of names to make the breakthrough. So, Sarri is the first option, and Siniša Mihajlović is no longer in the plans of the leading people of the club from Rome.

Step forward

As a reminder, Sarri was already in the story about a possible return to the Premier League, where he connected with Arsenal and Tottenham. Immediately after Inzaghi's departure, it was mentioned that Mihajlović could be the new coach of Lazio, but it is clear that he is under a contract with Bologna.

Walter Mazzarri was also mentioned as a candidate, but it seems that Sarri is currently the closest to the White and Sky Blues bench. Lazio has been great in recent seasons and they have good players who can do bigger things than before.

Inzaghi worked well with the team, and they seemed motivated during every game. Still, it was as if Lazio lacked a step forward that they could make with a coaching name who has more experience. Maybe it is Sarri who will secure the Champions League with Lazio and maybe achieve some bigger goals.

We will certainly see interesting coaching names next season in Serie A, and with it certainly a more interesting season. This season was one of the most interesting in Italy because the dominance of Inter was finally broken, but AC Milan also managed to be among the first four teams.